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  1. I ran down to Microcenter and picked up a ThermalTake ExtremeSpirit II, it is a heat pipe cooler similar to the thermalright one but I don't think the surface area is as big. It was the only one they had. I backed the voltage off to 1.65v and now the temp is staying around 46C, haven't loaded it with Flight Simulator X yet. I still can't seem to get past 355fsb for some reason :shrug: I got it to boot only once each at 360, 363, and 366 yesterday but tried it again and no dice.
  2. I flashed to this BIOS hoping I could get more fsb...but it made no difference.
  3. Hi all, I picked up an Infinity 975X/G on Thursday to upgrade my system so I can play FSX. I've successfully OC'd my E6600 to 3.19GHz but seem to have hit a wall. I'm content at the moment but... My northbridge temperature reaches 55-57C and sometimes beyond under load according to SmartGuardian. In contrast, my CPU rarely goes beyond 40C under load, occasionally I will see 44C. I bought a CoolerMaster Blue Ice Pro cooler and put it on with AS5, but it has made no difference, and in fact I think it is actually a little worse than the stock heatsink. Its a small copper heatsink with a fan attached to it. So a couple of questions: - Is 55-57C "normal" when overclocking? - Is there a better air cooling solution? - Any advantage to water cooling on the NB? Or about the same as a good air solution? - Can I pick up more fsb if I cool the NB more? I've seen some NB coolers/heatsinks that use heat pipes and large heatsinks, but because of the placement of the NB in proximity to the CPU, I'm not sure they would fit with the Big Typhoon CPU cooler I have in there now. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good cooling solution and/or tell me if 55C is anything to worry about?
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