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  1. I ordered a Dell 1520 today, w/C2D T5250, 2GB DDR2 @ 667, and an 80gb HD for right at a grand plus tax. I am having it shipped here so I can decrap it and add AV and spyware programs. Since it will only be used for web surfing and email, I didnt make an issue about Vista, and just hope the outlaws can figure it out. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  2. I will keep those two models in mind, and need to call and get some more details and specifications. I havent heard of any folks not happy with a Dell, although I dislike working on them with all of the bloatware that Dell insists on installing before shipment.
  3. My inlaws, who have never booted a computer in their lives, want a laptop notebook to accompany them on their travels. It's basic use would be internet surfing and email, possibly pictures, small games, and whatever basic retired folks do with a basic laptop. Basically. I know almost zilch about which brands make a decent, reliable notebook. I was told that budget is 800$ to a grand. I would prefer not to have to break it open upon arrival just to add memory (Vista?). And I would prefer to order from the Egg, although I might have to send them to CCity or WorstBuy just for their local warranty as they are 3 hrs away. Any help from the laptop experts will lessen my headaches later on. Thanks!
  4. I had a problem with a rebate (my fault) and Andy took care of it, and I received it about 6-8 weeks later. I will continue to buy OCZ for this one reason, customer service.
  5. The overclock in my sig hasnt been pushed any further because it does twice what I ever expected it to do at that speed. It is stable, and quite honestly, more than I will need for a long, long time. If this is the route that you decide, you will be amazed at what that combo will do at stock speeds, let alone OC'ed.
  6. Well, folks... The LG won over. Over the weekend I picked up a Samsung, and wound up with a dreaded "C" panel. After various attempts at calibration and hours of Googling for information, the Sammy went back. It was a good panel, but for the money the LG surpassed it, especially in calibration aspects. Thanks again for the opinions!
  7. Good one, splave! Just the FireFox toolbar "file, edit, history, bookmarks, etc". The concept seems kosher for checking refresh rate, but I have never heard of it done this way.
  8. Thanks for the added wisdom. Another geek at work showed me a trick to check for ghosting. Open a half size window, and drag the window around the monitor. You should be able to read font as the window is moving across the screen. On this LG, during movement the black fonts are illegible and are followed by a white shadow behind the direction of movement. I have never really paid much attention to "ghosting", but now that I am paying some hard earned coin on a widescreen, I would like to make sure it is spent wisely. Do the Samsungs have the same personalities as far as the above described?
  9. That is an ok board, but easily worn out if you pound the keys alot. I have pretty much worn the letters off of the wasd keys, and have taken it apart several times to apply a drop of synthetic oil to troublesome sticky keys. I have been gaming with a Saitek Eclipse II since christmas, and it has been real good to me.
  10. Thanks for the replys! I am "trying out" the LG as I type this, as I had a boatload of store credit at BB and 14 days to return. I hate to return merch, but I don't like the picture on this LG as much as the Sammy 8ms 19" that I was using last week. COD2 looks like caca in darkened (night) portions of the game @ 1680x1050. Thanks again!
  11. I am looking at two monitors, the first being the Samsung 226BW http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16824001096 and the LG L226WTQ-BF http://www.compusa.com/products/product_in...nch_LCD_Monitor. Both have the same specs, but need opinions please. This monitor will be used mostly for gaming, driven by a 8800 GTS 640mb.
  12. Now, that is what I thought, and didnt see how it would, but it is listed on the CPU list. I did spend some time on google, but apparently it was being cantankerous and not giving me what I needed. After reading the above link about the lightening fast speeds produced by the Celeron, I will be replacing the skt754 MB. Thanks for the replies!
  13. I did read that thoroughly. I guess my question is how does a skt 478 fit in a 775? And, what is the difference between the Celeron, and the CeleronD?
  14. I am working on building my kids a computer out of two nonworking Emachines T2692's. After looking around on Newegg for a while, I found this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813128027. The Emachines have Celeron 2.6 processors which are socket 478, but the Gigabyte product page says that the 2.6 will fit in it's skt 775 board. I am not familiar with the Intel lineup, and am confused about the 478 and 775 thing. Will it work? If so, then I will be able to recycle the Ballistix DDR500 and X800XT AIW from an old AMD machine, which should run Lego Star Wars just peachy. Thanks for any advice!
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