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  1. Ah, thank you for the reply. So, it's that the motherboard isn't making it into BIOS? I'm a bit confused as to where to go from here.
  2. This was my first build, (done under the supervision of someone more knowledgeable,) so of course it couldn't go smoothly. Upon power up, all fans start up, etc, and the motherboard goes through it's LED countdown- stops at 1 LED, and beeps once. Honestly, I'm confused as to what the LEDs mean specifically*. 1 LED is listed in the DFI UT Lanparty manual as being 'VGE detected.' So my question for those more experienced with these boards is this: Is this an indicator that the video card is bad, or that it has passed that part and can't continue on to boot up (for some other unknown reason?) Any responses would be appreciated; advice, questions, additional things to try. *For example, if I take out the RAM, it stops at 3 LEDS- 'CPU Detected'. If I take out the video card entirely, it still stops at 1 LED. The pattern seems a bit funny to me, so I'd like to make sure.
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