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  1. All working fine now XP on and system working brilliantly. Went out and bought a Western Digital HD and tried it....worked fine My mate in work has had the seagate hd to test on his ASUS board......works fine. DFI and seagate don't mix
  2. Yeah it is set to sata1. Tried it both ways to see if it was that. Have left it in the office for the weekend, as I work for an IT firm, and we have a build room, which is fully kitted out for making builds safe and easy. Will be giving it a crack again on Monday lunchtime and after work. I have seen the other thread of windows hanging when trying to install, and that seems to be whats going on here. Get the feeling DFI and some sata drives just don't mix
  3. Ok thanks, off to watch the footy now, but will check back after Thanks again for all your help. Really appreciate it.
  4. Hi Thanks for the reply The PSU is a Hiper 530W Type-R Modular PSU, and the ram is just generic ddr 400 mhz ram. It has been pulled from my old system and works fine. We have disabled Raid and it is showing in 3, and it is xp sp 1 We have not tried the seagate tools, as nothing came with the HD Where do we get these from? Many thanks
  5. Hi I have started a new build today, and checked it against your build guide. I have a DFI Infinity N4 SLI board with a Seagate ST3320620AS 320gb sata drive. I have a Gainwood 7900gs for the graphics, and an amd x2 4600+ with 1gb DDR 400 The Bios can see the SATA hd but windows will not install it. I have updated to the latests bios for the motherboard but that has not helped. We have tried to turn the power managment off, as this was suggested on the net, and also tried the sata spread spectrum options. The computer will get as for as 'Setup is starting windows" and if left long enough it will ask you to continue, and then say that it can not find the hd. We tried an old IDE drive, and it installed fine, but even in XP it could not see the SATA drive The Seagate drive is running firware 3.AAE, and it passes all the Seagate diagnostics I hope someone knows what is going on, as it is driving me up the wall. Many thanks
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