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  1. Yeah, I'ld been spending a lot of time trying to pinpoint the problem. Think I found it =/ I do have a failing card. It's display output is lacking green, and it makes peculiar sounds under 3D load. Performance is still where it should be (provided everythings purple) but would be my assumption I'm dealing with a card thats as good as dead.
  2. God help me if I actually WANT one card to have broken. At least I'll know what the problem is... but I'll subsequently be looking to buy a new one. Or sell this one and splurge on an 8800.
  3. Pro: Proud new owner of a spanking awesome PSU Con: SLI problem not solved
  4. Ok, well I've decided to get the OCZ. I got the GXS 600w for a friend's build, and it hasn't had any problems running his Ultra-D OC'd Opteron X1900 system.
  5. Alright, well, if I put the PCP&C Silencer 750 on there, how would that stack up?
  6. Now, provided the PSU sticky hasn't been updated in 2 months, excluding the 8800 cards, and most kilowatt units minus Enermax and PC P&C, I'm wondering which of these four units would be best. Silverstone ST85ZF 850w, [email protected] OCZ GXS 850w, [email protected] BFG BFGR1000WPSU 1kw, [email protected] (seems like great specs for the price, which is concerning) Tagan U96 900w, [email protected] Power/price/relability seems to be scaled on all of these rather nicely (sans the BFG), and I'm sure a quality power supply can be had without turning to the two most expensive brands anyone can find. Recommendations?
  7. I had a Smilodon for all of about three weeks. With a setup like mine, it didn't have near enough interior room. I ended up getting a http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811200030 Love it. Three 120mm fan spots, one 80mm on the top, and any length PSU can still fit in underneath it (and be supported by the two full-length rails). Last case I'll ever need.
  8. CPU at stock (memory underclocked & undervolted), still problematic.
  9. Yeah, disabled it, still not working. And the one I've been looking at for a while: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817714002
  10. Now while this may work, if removing my sound card and other HD didn't work, I don't want to have to remove one drive, take out sound card, and downclock CPU just to use SLI. I'ld prefer to buy a new power supply.
  11. Running 3DMark06 and the built in FEAR stress-test shows me that I have a problem with SLI. My framerates/scores are about exactly the same (if not a little lower) in SLI mode than in single card mode. However, the visuals appear to be running at half of the registered framerate. When I first got everything up and running, SLI worked correctly, but now I'm taking a hit from it. The motherboards jumpers are positioned correctly, SLI Broadcast Aperture in BIOS is on Auto, both cards have power cables plugged in, I've reformatted my hard disk aobut 20 times, ran Seatools diagnostics on it, tested my memory, reinstalled Windows thrice, and uninstalled/driver-cleaned/reinstalled nVidia drivers about as many times. With as many factors ruled out, I seem to be coming down to my power supply. nVidia requires a PSU a little too identical to mine as a min. requirement for GTX's in SLI to be comfortable. Anyone else think that's where my problem is?
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