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  1. Hey Clarity, Got a question for you. I have the same sound card as you do. Do you have a problem with blue screens. I did a clean install of everything. Did the AMD updates for dual core. Everything that was written in the posts. But, I still get the blue screen of death once in a while. I took my xfi platinum card out and I dont get it. I read that NForce4 chips dont work well with xfi cards. Any help is good.
  2. Ok, update to my problem. After I got a better power supply everything works great. No more bluescreen. Did a memory test, tests perfect. Did a prime95 test for 48 hours..no problems. But I do have one problem that just does not go awey. This is what happens. When I have allot of stuff going at once, it freezes for two or three seconds and beeps when I click the mouse and then releases. Is this a common problem with Dual Core Chips? Any dual core people have this issue? Please help.
  3. AA++ to the PSU unit you guys recommended (OCZ GameXStream OCZ600GXSSLI, LOVE IT. Computer runs solid. Not to sure how to quote people yet, I would appreciate someone’s help on that. wevsspot, I used your numbers for the ram and I got my computer to run stable at 2.53 for my dual core. The multiplier is at 11x230. If I increase it more, the system becomes unstable. Any more suggestions will be helpful to me. What is the max that anyone has gotten out of a AMD Dual Core 4200+? Also, chipset fan is a bit to loud on this board, any suggestions for mod fans that are not as loud?
  4. Ganders75, I noticed you have an AMD X2 Rig. Have you OC'd the Processor? What are you getting for stable speed? I read that you can’t OC the dual cores as much as single cores.
  5. Another DFI enthusiast I know bought himself an Antec Neo HE 550w PS ATX12V v2.2, Active PFC. How well will this PSU work with the same mobo as mine below in the signiture?
  6. Just ordered the OCZ GameXStream OCZ600GXSSLI ATX12V 600W Power Supply. Once it comes in I will try the memory settings that you guys specified. Is OCZ more reliable then Antec? I was under impression that Antec makes the best PSU? Once again thanks for all the help.
  7. Thanks for the help Praz, with the memory testing. The memory checked out perfect, did not have any problems there. I went back to square one, and uninstalled all drivers to Graphic Card, Sound Card, all NVIDIA drivers, utilities>EVERYTHING. Re installed from scratch and so far so good. What I think happened was I installed software that DFI had that controls the stability of the machine such as the Chipset Fan, CPU Fan; it is like a health monitor. I heard my Chipset fan slow down once in a while which possibly overheated and therefore shut it down. It seems to work awsome now, Ill write an update if it does something freaky again. Let me know what you think. Also do you have any info on have good memory clock speed for OCZ Gold 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 500 (PC 4000) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory. I see you have a link for Memory Guide, but is there one specifically for this RAM? Thanks. PS: Is my Antec 420 PS not enought juice for this board?
  8. To start, I just got the DFI Board 2 days ago. Happy and not happy. Loading everything up updated all the drivers. I don’t have this OC yet, running everything stock. Never had this happen before, but when the system loads into Windows XP professional and the start menu comes up, system gets a blue screen with a memory dump, then automatically restarts. Tried everything I could think from reinstalling all the NVIDIA drivers, graphics drivers, sound card drivers. All help is appreciated.
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