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  1. A few days ago I discovered a way to avoid a cold boot issue I've been having since I bought my NF4 Expert board. I would press the power button, and the fans would spin for 1/2 a second before my system would turn off. After a dozen or so presses, the system would finally start up. I found that if I turned off my PSU completely, waited a period of about an hour, then turned it back on my computer would start the first time I pressed the button. So now I just have to remember to turn off my psu when I shut down my computer, and I never have to keep pushing the power button in the morning anymore. I have all connectors plugged in, including 4 pin (no adapter) and floppy connector.
  2. I've finally been able to get my system to be rock solid stable. Hasn't crashed on me yet. Only issue I've been running into is the cold-boot one, and I'm planning on getting a new power supply to resolve it. My question is -- Would it be worth installing updated mobo and nforce drivers at the risk of reducing stability or damaging my system? Is there a changelog for new driver versions? Right now AMD's CPUInfo program lists my bios version as the following: Nvidia - 42302e31 Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS v6.00PG I have a Raid 0 array using the following nForce driver: 5.10.2600.667 5/1/2006
  3. I tried booting the system again tonight and it wouldn't get going at all. Unplugging fans and swapping memory didn't do the trick. All my fans start to spin for a fraction of a second before I lose power. It seems like clicking the power switch makes the system try to start two times (I'm guessing this is intentional). Since my system starts perfectly when my video is not plugged in, and the enermax is known for having very stable voltages, could this be related to my video card? I'd hate to go through the process of swapping out my power supply with an inferior one only to find out it wasn't the power supply that caused my troubles at all.
  4. My previous mobo, an Asus A8N SLI Premium, seemed to work ok with this power supply. I had a few issues with it, but I'm pretty sure it was due to the mobo and not my power supply. I guess Enermax and DFI just don't get along. I'll probably end up swapping power supply's with a friend (Which sucks, since my enermax was 2x as expensive as his).
  5. I tried that. It didn't seem to have any effect. I have also tried disconnecting my other pci divices and the power connectors to my hard drives. In my case, after powering down, the power switch on my case and on the mobo no longer does anything at all when I click it. I have to cycle the switch on my power supply before my system will boot (And I usually have to try two or three times -- it's like trying to start an old lawnmower). Separating my power connectors so that my video card has one rail just for itself seems to have helped a bit. I have an Enermax 620, so I'm wondering if that could be part of the problem..
  6. I have the same problem with a DFI Expert and an Enermax 620. I noticed that the board powers on perfectly if I unplug my video (Radeon x1800xt). Could this be a problem with high end Radeon cards sucking up too much power from the board on startup? These cards have a big fan that spins at full speed when the computer is turned on, and the fan uses power from the motherboard, not the PCI-E power connector. Anybody have any ideas? I really don't want to have to buy another mobo or video card.
  7. Nevermind. I can't find a way to do anything with drivers without actually having to start windows. I've considered installing windows on a 3rd drive and using it to recover stuff from my Raid, but I've decided it's not worth the trouble. Tonight I'm going to format the drives and do a complete reinstall.
  8. I was hoping that since this board has an identical raid controller as the ASUS one it would work. The fact that the Sil 3114 raid controller has a compatability mode for raid arrays set up by other conrollers made me even more sure it would work. I'm wondering if this is just because I havn't installed the Raid drivers and I'm still relying on the ones I had installed for the previous controller. I'm going to try booting from a floppy and installing the drivers that came with the DFI board.
  9. Hi Guys. I just switched to a DFI Expert from an ASUS A8N Premium that gave me trouble for months before dying. The first major problem I ran into was one I saw mentioned in another thread. After clicking the power button, my fans would begin to spin up for half a second before the system would lose power. I think I have mostly resolved this by moving separating my video card onto a single rail just for itself. I have a Radeon x1800xt that hogs a ton of power, but still, I'd expect my Enermax 620 to be adequate. Pluging in the floppy connector did not seem to help. Part of the reason I chose this MB was because it had a Sil 3114 raid controller, and I have a Raid 0 array that was created with the same controller on the Asus board. My motherboard seems to detect my array correctly, and I can get all the way to the windows logo before my system restarts. This behavior is very consistent, and occurs even if I try going into safemode. I have tried changing the Sil 3114 setting in the bios to "old mb" but it did not help. I _really_ don't want to lose the data on my array, and re-installing windows on a third drive is not a very appealing idea. I'm not positive this is due to my array. It could be related to the power issue or something else entirely. Anybody have any ideas? My system spects: AMD 4800 x2 (939) DFI Lanparty Expert (purchased from newegg a couple days ago) xRadeon x1800xt (512mb) (asus branded) 2x 1g corsair xms3200-c2 Creative Audigy Soundcard 2x Western Digital 320gb SATA (raid 0) 1x Maxtor 280gb SATA Enermax Liberty (620 watt) Proxim wireless G card Thanks
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