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  1. 600 watt ocz it boots up and even overclocks but all 4-leds are on when pc is not on and all other DFI NF4 Ultra-d's that im running do not have them on also the psu has 3 leds on back for adjusting the rails well they stay lit half green half red this dose not happen on any onther of my motherboards and the 500watt pluged in all 4 Plugs and with just 24 pin and 4 pin same resalts power already flowing threw motherboard before its turned on.. To me if its not gonna work with what all the other motherboards (NF4 Ultra-d) are working with then its defective weather it boots and works its not working with its min requirments and they refuse to RMA it so im going to wright a consumers report on them and send this board to DFI for analyzation and inclued it in my report i spent $2500 that day and when we went for costomer service we were treated bad they were rude and had no explanation for my prob...
  2. Yea i know and my psu is 24pin and works in my home pc witch is my SIG and my uncles pc witch is same as mine but a opty 165 THE THERMALTAKE 430WATT WORKS ON MY PC THE 500WATT WORKS ON MY UNCLES PC BOTH WONT WORK ON THIS ONE ALL 4-LEDS ARE ON B4 POWER IS TURND ON FROM CASE ALL OTHER BOARDS DONT HAVE THIS ... IM GUESSING IT WOULD HELP IF I COULD SHOW U PICS
  3. Check this i took motherboard back to store and they got it to boot they say its my psu also he did not put hd power connection or floppy power in motherboard and he used a 600watt psu to get it to boot i brought my psu to store with me and it did not work i tryd a thermaltake 430watt and a 500watt both did not boot pc up also it was with my cpu,mem and videocard as well i dunno how he got it to boot but i know the 4 debug lights are on when pc is not powerd on but when it boots it dose proper debug and gose in bios im confused as to why it wont work with any psu i have but works fine on the one he used any ideas???? i redid rig again and im still haven same issues im thinking of sending the motherboard to DFI for full analyzation i know the board ant right because i got 2 of the same that day and the other is working fine with is the thermaltake 500watt no issues. im stumped .....
  4. Yes I Have Read All The Instrucrions about a year ago when i first started with DFI and i have 4 systems 2 of my own and 2 sold Working 100% I Have Used NF4 Ultra-d Mother Board For All Systems I Build So I Cant Be Doing it Wrong.
  5. Also i just rebuilt the pc finished 10min ago and put mem in slots that they say to put it in and same prob fans already on Led's already on without pushing power button just pluging in power cord to powersupply i took out video card and took out mem just used 1 stick and no diff same prob then took out all mem and same prob .... ALL 4 debug lights are on
  6. that is what i did and they say its working so im am to bring motherboard, cpu, powersupply,mem, and video card and im going to make them make it work..... They Wont RMA Unless They Find Problem.. THEY SAY IM DOING IT WRONG ..... LMAO I HAVE 3 DFI NF4 ULTRA-D's Sold And Working 100% IN CUSTOM PC'S I BUILD AND SELL NEVER HAD THIS PROB....
  7. Yep All The Hardware That Was In Motherboard That Did Not Work Is Working Fine in 2nd DFI NF4 Ultra-D All Power Plugs Are Pluged In All Hardware Has Been Tested For Over 10Hours In Working Motherboard at 2.7Ghz- DDR450
  8. Well i got 2 new dfi nf4 ultra-d motherboards and 1 did not work when its all hooked up as soon as power plug get put in PSU power is on fans run at half speeds and all 4 debug lights are on when power button is pushed it trys to run fans at full speed but dose not and harddrive dose not run jiust fans and lights to me that means the motherboard is dead all the hardware that was in that pc is working fine in 2nd DFI Ultra-D i got and the TECH'S at pccanada.com tell me to use a yellow and orange slot ????? Are They Stupid Or Is It Just Me ?? How Dose Mem Being In Even Wrong Mem Slots Have Anything To Do With Power From PSU .... Also If Thats The Case And I Have To Use Yellow And Orange Slots Then Is The Motherboard Not Defective Anyway? From what i know they lied cause they could not get both motherboards in stock so the gave me dead board cause by the time the one i orderd got there i would return this one ..... and they have there own serial nubers on stickers witch they switch from dead board to new board but i had coverd the (S) of socket 939 on socket with thermal Compund and the board they gave me back dont have thermal compound on it.. im making this post for the reason of my having to go back to that store and show them what the DFI EXPERTS say about it..... i live an hour away from store and iv had to go back 4 times now im sure some of you know the stress... And in system was AMD Opteron 165 - OCZ 2GB DDR400 High Performance 3-3-3-8 - Thermaltake 500w PSU- X1950 Pro And It All Running Fantastic At 2.7Ghz-DDR450 3-3-3-8 .... So all other hardware is fine.
  9. if i where u i would get thermaltake typhoon i have it and i idel at 28 load max 38 in stress testing...
  10. Good Point i have also seen the same mabey one of my edited window i removed the dual core drivers
  11. Mine To all the secondary ram timings are on Auto we have same mem i had opteron 148 @ 3ghz with this mem but pins got bent when cpu came out stuck to heatsink so im opty 144 now i will hit 3ghz with this soon some way somehow im 2T my mem was not stabel at 1T @ DDR600
  12. Thats True Mem Instability Is Found Within 5 Min Of Prime95 Everytime im unstabel with mem also S&M Will Tell You For Sure If CPU Is Not Stabel Or If Mem Is Not Stabel also PSU and Harddrives
  13. im not sure what knackered means but it sounds right:)
  14. i also think its motherboard to cause i just built a crossfire rig and it had opty 170 i use same windows Edited Win.Xp.Corp SP2 And It Detected It Off The Bat Thats Why I Was A Little Confused When I Made 1st Post i think they put the x2 drivers in motherboard drivers now
  15. I Agree Conroe Wont Do You Any Better Unless You Have Crossfire Setup And DDR2 But I Think There An ASRock Motherboard That Supports DDR And DDR2...
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