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  1. Yes if you read my post i mentioned that i have used the buttons on the main board.
  2. I'm not debating on the 4 connection issue. If your system runs stable and fine w/o all the power connectors so be it. My problem however does not relate to that issue. I do not have another PSU to try.
  3. My solution right now is to just leave the PC on all the time. BTW this is the second pc I've built using the NF4 Ultra D and I didn't hook up the other two power points to the other one either. It's my brother's pc and he's never had one issue with it. Though I will call him tonight to tell him to plug them in! It was recommended by a good friend of mine who has the same board. He yelled at me for not plugging in the extra two power points when i told him about it today.
  4. Yea if you read my post i just stumbled across this site TODAY. I'm home now and plugged them in, as i thought it made no difference. When i shut down the PC the Top yellow status light turns off and only the bottom one stays on. Then when i go to power it back on the top yellow status light is very dim and flashing as is the case power light as is the LAN port light in the back and pushing power or reset buttons does not do anything. flipping off the power supply power from the back shuts down all lights. Turning it back on powers on both the bottom and top yellow status lights solid and bright. Pushing power button one time turns on pc. Then if i shut it down then push power but again it does as i described. Any ideas appreciated! logan - not sure why i thought it wouldn't help, just had a hunch as this seems like such abnormal behavior that it suggests to me a jacked up motherboard. Thats a technical term mind you!
  5. Hey all, this is a 1 month old build, and i have a strange problem. When i first built the system 1 month ago I never new of this website so i did not follow "the guide". Anyway i did a test power on pushed the power button and the standby light up by the ram came on, but nothing happened. I pushed the power button again and the system fired right up, no issues. Odd i thought, so i went about my business and rebooted the computer several times installing the new drivers, etc. I power down the system and when i come back to power it on again, same deal. Push button one time the standby light comes on, push it again, system powers on. Runs flawlessly. I found this annoying but didn't want to RMA or anything. I updated the bios to the latest found on DFI's website (note this is still day 1 of the build) with no help (yes i used winflash, again before i found this site, and had to reset the bios using the jumper to get it to post). That didn't help and still had to push it two times from a cold start. Now its worse, now when i shut down the pc, and go to turn it back on the standby light barely flickers on/off as well as the troubleshooting lights (normal brightness, the ones at the bottom) are flashing, and the Lan light flashing, power light on case flashing. Push button again NOTHING. I have to flip the psu switch in the back to off then back on then push button to get light to come on, then push button again to make system come on. I am at a loss as to what to do so now my nightly routine when i'm done with the system is to shutdown windows pc turns off and i flip the power switch on teh back of the PSU so when i go to turn it on like "normal" (pushing power button twice) the next day. Also note the same symptoms happen when using the buttons on the mobo. I'm very frustrated and wondering if anyone else has run into this problem? The only thing i have found that i didn't do in the build guide is connect the (4) power connectors. I only have the 24 pin and 4 pin cables connected. The Floppy and molex are not connected at this time. I will connect those when i get home but i suspect that will not solve this problem. Any insight from the pros on here is much appreciated! Thanks!
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