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  1. Success...or closer to it...:confused: I installed my ram and it still wouldn't boot, but searched around and found this http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25447 and input these settings Unfortunately, I understand some of the stuff but don't know what most of the stuff actually means, I don't know if there is somewhere where I should read to learn more about the settings in the bios. Anyway, after entering the settings it will post consistently now, but I can't get it to boot an xp cd, also I can't get it to run memtest either, it will just flash the memtest screen for a second and then reboot. are there settings that are specifically for gskill ram? Thanks for your help, and i think i'm finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel! Genius edit: after more searching i found rgone's stock speeds and input them, memtest ran with no errors and i am currently installing xp x64, after i get it running good i'll probably try and tweak the settings some.
  2. ok, my psu and vid card came today i installed them both and stilling having the problem, but that is to be expected because i haven't installed my ram yet, that will come tomorrow but... i was still fooling with it and found that even with the ram and video card unplugged it still just flashes the fourth led, until i do a cmos clear and then it will beep, indicating that the ram is missing.
  3. Alright, i get the point im going to buy some new parts tonight. CZ GameXStream 700-Watt Power Supply G.SKILL 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200)
  4. I have only been using one stick of ram, it showed no errors after 8 hours, I've tried it in all slots, I've even used a stick that ran fine in an older dfi board of mine and it wouldn't run with that stick either.
  5. updated to newest bios...still doesn't work. boots once after a cmos clear but after that it flashes the fourth diag. led and won't boot untill cmos is cleared again. memtested ram, it is fine. any more suggestions? should i rma the board? thanks again for all your help Genius
  6. Gah, so many options, will any of the bios' under lanparty nf4 work? can i screw up the board if i pick the wrong one?
  7. will do! looks so much easier than a floppy and now I don't have to go find a floppy drive. I agree, but this is my friends computer and he wanted to build it on the cheap.
  8. Well it has a little more life now, its still having all the same problems but it now displays a boot error which should mean that it will boot a floppy to update the bios. I still couldn't get it to boot memtest, but I'm going to use a stick o fram that i know is good when i flash the bios after work tonight.
  9. Thanks for all of your help praz, I'm going to try to get over to my friends house tomorow and try some of his components to hopefully narrow down the factors to the problem...and start to correct it. Thanks again, Genius
  10. still no go, I have now tried every ram slot yellow and orange, the top two slots hang after the first boot from cmos clear, and the bottem two cause the system to beep as if it doesn't detect the ram. The only stuff i have on the motherboard are the vid card and the ram and I still can't get it to even boot to memtest.
  11. what settings should I load then? I did a quick cmos clear and let it boot without entering the bios and it said backing up cmos...ok!, and it was then back to the same problem; no boot. I also tested the psu and the 12v rail runs at 11.83v and the 5v rail runs at 5.01 volts, which are above the min atx tolerance. A friend of mine has a 600w psu that I will probably try to test it on tomorow to see if it is in fact the psu. Thanks, Genius
  12. ok, I just finished the cmos clear and it didn't work. I had it sitting for almost 24 hours. It booted into the bios fine, i set the time and date and reloaded the optimized defaults. I then hit save and exit, and it went back to the same problem... It doesn't boot. It flashes the fourth led once and then just sits there. I'm going to try and test the psu now. I also want to try and update the bios to see if thats the problem, but I doubt i'd be able to boot the disk, and am not sure if it would be safe to try and flash it with it being unstable like this...how can I make sure it is safe to flash? Thanks, Genius
  13. thanks for your help, i'm going to start testing stuff again later today sorry for the triple post, I'm typing at school and ive got a couple of idiots over my shoulder entering posts...
  14. Thanks tasr, I did the cmos clear and am going to let it sit like that overnight and try it after school/work tomorow, I'll also test the psu then. Speaking of school i should probably get to bed...thanks for your help. Genius
  15. Wow! I didn't think I'd get a reply this fast, lol. I have the ram in the orange slot farthest from the cpu, followed the build guide, and I have all 4 power connections hooked up. It also did boot from the xp cd once but I have no idea how a managed to get it to, it locked up before I got anywhere though and I have not been successful in booting it since. Thanks, Genius
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