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  1. hence not wanting to waste it on cmos and checking parts instead:) yeah im after a opty 146 939 if anyones selling an overclocked one?im in uk and wanna pay via paypal;)
  2. thats just pathetic.72hrs.im not waiting that to do nothing.i'll flog the board then.as i know it works...
  3. yep no help.still 4red lights and all hardware is sposed to be working bought trade.my 7900gto is brand new tho so hmmm im worried.
  4. so anyway i want this workin tonight! what about floppy adapter thing
  5. i have a weird floppy adapter to molex thing on my tagan and i reckon thats whats screwing it up as it plugs into a molex and tht molex is then used instead of being tagged onto a molex plug... so tht plug cant then be in the motherboard molex socket aswell.wtf do i do.its the dual engine 500w.
  6. all red lights lit up on ultra d... what is going on.1gb geil 2x512 bought from new.brand new 7900gto! and other parts second hand and working apparently. whats happened.this is doing my :angst: head in and im getting majorly pissed off.ive tried the 2nd pcie slot and no i dont have another mobo to test the gfx card! help me please must be a jumper or something? do i have the 12v and the molex and the extra bit on the 12v all plugged in together as i am doing? cheers HELP ME. EDIT:brand new working tagan 500w psu with all trimings and sli plugs etc...
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