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  1. Hello I am looking for help with a RAID ISSUE! Arr! Unfortunately I have been having problems with my RAID 0 array when trying to install vista ultimate 32bit (OEM). XP is currently installed on a healthy sata2 RAID 0 array and everything is working fine. When installing vista it warns me the drive is unsuitable for installation and I have an option to install the drivers, I use the nf4 raid floppy to install all of the drivers which made the RAID work with XP however vista still tells me the drive is unsuitable for installation! (NB - I have 2 x 250GB disks which only show up as one combined disk of 250GB on this vista install screen) The warning also tells me that my bios settings might need changing although, my raid is set up to work in XP, it is healthy, so this isn’t the problem. So reading about forums I found further drivers which were also meant to make it work and none of them have! Arr! I’d like to keep the raid 0 as I don’t want to revert back to 2 separate drives.:sad: Everything is backed up on an external HDD so I could risk formatting everything although copying the files back and organising again will make my balls ache ! PLEASE HELP! Any links and advice will be welcomed. Thanks!
  2. Ok guys, thanks for getting back to me! Thefabe, thanks for the links I’ll have a route about in the overclocking database and make a profile to get some advice from the boys at mushkin. Smitty2k1, I was running 2GB (2x1GB sticks) of corsair XMS platinum (matched pair) ram and it wouldn’t run at 200 either so I ran it at 180, now I have replaced it with the redline 4000 and it will happily run at 200 (as its well underclocked). Check to find yellobeard, he is some kind of corsair goddess and if anyone can sort your corsair ram it’s him! Thanks to you both!
  3. Hi, I have just sorted out some cooling for 2GB (4x512) of xp4000. And I will now be looking to overclock it. Since installing it I have been running with everything on auto and 2.8 volts to keep things nice and cool, but now the fans have arrived (2x 80mm 4500rpm – delta’s) I’m looking to push thing. I have also glued a temperature probe from my Akasa AK FC-03 Fan Controller Pro to one of the heat spreaders to give some (extremely rough) idea of the temperature. I’m looking for someone with 4x512 redline xp4000 sticks or anyone who will be able to give me some help with settings.:confused: All help will be extremely welcome! Thanks for your time CharlieB
  4. Technodanvan, Blooz1, DuTcH and Happy_Games, I’d like to thank all of your for your immediate and conclusive advise! I’ll check where I can get one and import if necessary! Cheers dudes!
  5. Which fan controller should I buy?:confused: Can anyone recommend a solid fan controller? Has anyone had good / bad experiences? All suggestions and links will be gratefully received. Thanks for your time CharlieB
  6. Looks like a RMA, I had a similar problem with 4 LED’s and NO boot, I ended up RMA’ing both and found my powersupply had blown and fried the board. When talking to the RMA engineer he said motherboards can be damaged by overstrained PSU that providing unstable voltage, so your mobo could have been damaged but the PSU still works? Anyway, Good luck sorting it out!
  7. I had the same problem with my 7900GT:( , xfx had a card bios flash which I downloaded from the support section. It worked nicely but I decided the HS wasn’t up to it so I got a zalman with ram heatsinks, cools better and has headroom to overclock the card further. Good luck!
  8. amuSe, what fan controller did you end up getting? And was it any good? I’m looking for one now but there is quite a big choice! Any help would be great Thanks CharlieB
  9. Joker34, thanks for getting back to me, there looks to be good clearance in photos so I’ll have to do a bit of research to make sure it’s the best I can get. Allthatwhichis, I will defiantly be looking at water cooling in the future but I’ll wait till the 8800 GTX comes down in price before I’ll make the move. Water cooling is defiantly the way forward but I’ve blown all my money on this ram! Thanks for your time CharlieB
  10. i have recently brought 4 x 512 stickes of xp 4000 redline ram:) , the stick nearent the CPU dousn't fit under the my HS, so i am now looking for a new one:( ! i will be looking for a HS which doesn't take any space over the ram. Or a HS which slightly sits over the ram but has good clearence. Can you help... Do you have 4 modules? What HS do you use / recommend? All comments will be welcome Thanks for your time CharlieB
  11. jbdude25 thanks for your advice, I’m currently adding a 1 x 120mm fan and 2 x 80mm fans to cool the ram as I’ve been told to achieve 100cmf. I’ll rearrange the fans to include the memory voltage controller. I should be back asking for more advice for the redline RAM but unfortunately one ram module (closest to the CPU) doesn’t fit, Even removing the Zalman flower, installing the RAM and trying to reattach the HS doesn’t work. As you can imaging this is frustrating as I don’t have a spare HS and fan, and I’m not taking a junior hacksaw to the redline heatsinks, lol! Therefore I’m now looking for a new HS and fan, and I’m worried that I could have the same clearance problem again. Arr! Anyway I was looking at the Scythe Ninja-PLUS Rev B http://www.quietpc.com/gb-en-gbp/products/...oling/ninjaplus I have also read good things in the forums about the Artic Freezer range but a fan is required. I’m not sure what to go for. Please could anyone help? Thanks again CharlieB
  12. Sorry for confusion Sharp has got it right, my 2 x 1GB corsair dimms as going in my old pc and the mushkin (4 x 512) are going in DFI (my current rig) I was looking for advice regarding the mushkin ram Sorry!
  13. Hello I have had problems with getting my ram to rum at 200mhz, even with all the settings at auto it won’t boot, reducing to 180mhz sorts things out and I’ve been running the ram at this speed for a while. After an unfortunate Antec Neo 500w left me with a board needing RMA’ing to Holland, the service engineer recommended the use of different ram with tighter timings and last week on Ebay some Mushkin redline XP 4000 modules came up, they were going cheap (ish) so I snapped them up. I’m now going to fit the corsair ram into an old PC to give it a boost and overclock the new ram, reading posts on different problems has left me with the following concerns… I have read about the need to get the latest bios, is this true? And does this mean the 04/06/2006 bois isn’t suitable / should the modules be binned with a different bios? The product code is 991 440 0783-1 which means that it is WINBOND UTT memory that requires high voltage, this is the first time I’ll be using the RAM voltage jumper, does anyone have any advice for a newbie? (other than not using too much voltage, lol!) I’ve got 4 x 512mb which will be set to command rate t2, does anyone have other advice or experience for settings? Finally, the dims won’t be installed until the new fan mounts are finished, so does anyone have recommendations on airflow? Any guidance, links and advice will be gratefully received. Thanks for your time . Charlie
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