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  1. I have '1' nforce dfi lanparty mothebord and today installed palit sonic 8800 gt played WoW, Crysis, FEAR no problem.
  2. Ok i fund this old article on Anandtech about memory http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.aspx?i=2226&p=9 and its look lake they using to (Dual Chanel)tRAS 10 ,to stable work, in all test maybe this help...
  3. Oj Ballistix are lotery in 2 years I RMA them to Crucial 3 times and now one is dead again.
  4. I had verry bad bios flash atempt(3LED's of Death), but I took chip BIOS out and battery(not Expert) for 3 days and its work now agene(try boot with one memory). Then good luck.
  5. Thank you, Sharp for help.. One memory module is dead. I was running Prime95 on one memory 8h, playing window media player(video), World of Warcraft in the same time and no crash, 0 prime errors, but when I try second memory, windows crash with blue screen during boot every time. But funny part is then build in bios memetest show 0 errors after 42 full tests with this memory. Conclusion, carefully whit memtest results….
  6. Try this.. http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/ProcessExplorer.html and see what take procesor time. I use to have this problem after plaing World of warcraft when sound was on (System Idle Proces)->Defferend Procedure Call was takig 20-30% procesor time even after closing WoW with no programs runing. After update nvidia sound driver 6.86 ( only sound drivers) evereting go back to norm.
  7. Thank you for suggestions. Yeah I think its old kit, I have them 1.5 year an when I bought them they was described as 2-3-2-8 Ok I did some more tests and it looks like one memory is fault It crash windows straight away but I have done on it 42 full memtest with 0 errors (screen photos) But should I try your setting Sharp? or send them to Crucial ? Regards
  8. Hi All I bought my system 2 years ago it was working perfect whit AMD 3000+ 9x250 Ballistix 2.80v 3-3-3-8 2x37GB Raptors Raid 0 Windows XP SP2 32 bit but I decide change processor from AMD 3000+ to AMD X2 4400. Before I bought AMD X2 I flashed bios, I done this using WinFlash(NEVER AGANE) after this system stop work no POST, stop on 3 red lights on motherboard . After clearing CMOS I start work agene but from this time is not stable whit standard settings (AMD X2 4400). I flash bios agene with instruction from your site to 704-2bta. No POST at all, but I took chip BIOS out and battery for 3 days and its work now agene, but system is very unstable ( if I put 2x512 in orange slots system crash straight away) with 1 memory in orange slot I can work but it crash too. If I run memtest whit single memory I don’t have error exception if I set test 3 Memory sizing -> 2 BIOS All I have only errors(Screen). And why BIOS and memtest show 511 RAM not 512 ?? Any suggestion?? Thanks awfully for any suggestion, and sorry for my language.
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