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  1. I updated the bios and had to use angrygames's timings on his website for the ram I had. Previously with the 704-2bt bios I had tried his settings, and also settings that the OCZ people gave me over at their forums, which didnt work. I still don't think 2 sticks of ram will work, but I will try it tonight (probably a ram settings issue, but I'm such a newbie with them I don't know how to mess with them myself to make the nonworking start to work, i just plug and chug from other peoples settings).
  2. update: i'm up and running (got windows installed) on the 406 bios with 1 stick of ram. good news for now!
  3. ok, thanks for your suggestions, will try later today after work. I looked at the hard drive utilities on tmod's cd but only found them to be for ide drives, I'll have to get utilities for SATA today. I tested with 1 stick of ram because I'd like to get it running, at least with 1 stick lol. at the moment it bluescreens with just 1 in there.
  4. ran 70 passes of test 5, 10 passes of test 8, no errors on 1 stick of ram in the orange slot. gonna run complete test overnight, but will probably not see any errors. what should i try next? flash to a different bios or mess with timings? Can someone list me some good, basic, stable timings for my ocz platinum el pc 4200 ram? or tell me where to find them? thanks
  5. ok, will run memtest on just 1 stick of ram when I get home(7pm est). Will update this thread with memtest results tomorrow or late tonight if i see errors(i'll run test 5 for a long time). thanks for the help so far guys.
  6. To flash the bios I used Tmods utility. Before I flashed I did the whole power off, remove battery, set jumper, etc. Then I flashed, but I did not do that afterwards, should I have done it again? Yes, windows fails with 1 stick of ram in the orange slot. It fails at the screen right after I hit f8 (blue screen here). I'm at work right now, so if I screwed up the flash process I can't try it again until tonight. I will check the hdd when I get home as well with the utility.
  7. This is a long story, I'll try to explain it the best I can, first post >< I have 2 sticks of PC4200 RAM. I've been having problems with the RAM for awhile now. When I had both sticks inserted, I would get blue screens during gaming sessions. They would have the errors of: nv4disp.dll, irq not less than or equal, and page fault in non paged area. The ram passed memtest for about 8 hours, and prime95 for 18-20. I get these bluescreens during gaming, so I thought it might have been something to do with the video card drivers, so I tried about 4 different versions of the nvidia drivers, no luck. So I went down to 1 stick of ram and everything worked for a few weeks, and then after a few weeks, the computer started randomly stuttering and locking up for 20 seconds at a time, so its time to fix this. Last night I flashed my bios to the 704-2bt bios from the forums here, and somehow my windows got corrupted. It blue screens with the page fault error when loading, no big deal right? i'll just format and be fine... well If i try to install windows, before it gets to the formatting hard drive screen, it also blue screens with the same error. I'm going ot try flashing to a different bios when I get home from work tonight, but any idea why this happened? Is it bad ram or a faulty motherboard? Maybe my board doesnt like the BIOS version? Basically I just want to get my 2 sticks of ram (2x512) to work again, no fancy overclocking or anything. Any ideas on what to do? Should I Memtest as soon as i get home? (which tests do i do?) should I just flash back to a different bios? do I test with both sticks of ram in? (yellow or orange?) I'm pretty sure the ram is ok, but I'll test it again (its been about a month or 1.5 months since I last did. At the moment I can't get into windows, or install windows. Just want a stable rig, I don't do any hardcore gaming anymore, just need something stable to run games every once in awhile (my job takes up most of my time now :<) Sorry the description was pretty bad, hope someone can shed some light on this problem, I think the motherboard may have gone bad (had this system for over a year now)
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