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  1. Bump for new stuff to sell.
  2. Definitely recommend the Tuniq Tower. I'm running an E6600 at 3.6 with idle of 21/27 on CoreTemp. I still haven't checked for load times but I've never seen it go over 40.
  3. It's not up for sale, sorry. :/ That's my mistake, I should've edited my earlier post to get rid of that stuff.
  4. Nightshadow gave a nice review with pics back in December: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread...ighlight=mozart
  5. I'm a make-sure-everything's-tight-as-**** freak like that.
  6. Is there any difference content-wise between this newly packaged EA Classics version of FFVII and the original PC version? I remember I picked up the platinum PC version at Costco yeeeeears ago for no more than 20 bucks. If they've updated the graphics in any way, or anything of that sort, I might be interested.
  7. Well it really depends on how big your CPU heatsink is. I'm not sure about the one in your sig, but here's a (not so great) pic of my setup: The Tuniq allows enough clearance for me to stick a fan on there. I can't stick one onto the southbridge HR05 though because of my sound and gfx cards.
  8. You can attach any 80mm fan, the HR05 comes with zip ties specifically for this.
  9. I had the HR03 + fan with my old x1900xtx and it dropped temps significantly. I'd check if you have enough space for it though as a card + HR03 + fan does take up a lot of room.
  10. Northbridges typically run hotter if I'm remembering right, so it's best to have an aftermarket hs on there.
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