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  1. OOps, put my signature in twice. :-) This was before coffee. :-(
  2. I just received an RMA# and they are sending out a new PSU. It's taking over a minute for the computer to start the boot now. I hope it lasts until the new PSU arrives. Thanks for all the help. As usual the people on this forum are great. Aloha.
  3. Yes, as you stated the jump starting revealed very little as it started immediately. And as you said, it has been turning on. Just not as it has in the past. Is there any hardware in the case that would be causing this issue? When I press the ON button the small blue light on the PS fllickers and the small fan on the mother board spins. It's just taking longer and longer to start the boot process. Now I'm up to about 45 seconds.
  4. Ok, finally getting around to this. I've done the 12V and 5V. Running 12.18, 5.17. There was no voltage when I hit the start button and the blue light was flickering. When it turned on and started to boot the 12V was 12.19 and 5V 5.16. I can't reach the ATX connector without taking my case apart somewhat so I'm missing that right now. Can someone point me to the 'loading' program. 95 something??? Then I can take the voltages under load. While I'm waiting I'll disconnect everything and see if the paper clip will start it up. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, I thought it would require a load also. But, in light of that, it might be advantageous to do as they say and report accordingly. If it doesn't work they send me a new PS. As it is, I gave them the same sad story I posted and they suggested this test. And since I can't find my multi-meter (I moved recently) this is easier.
  6. I'll work on this. And thank you very much for posting all this information. I think I can handle it. If I can find my multi-meter. I ask BFG support about the issue. I've posted their response below. As I understand it they want me to disconnect from everything inside the case, motherboard, drives, etc. The take a paper-clip and short out the green wire to the black wire on the Main board ATX connection. Does that sound right? "I would recommend to try the following. Before starting, unplug the power supply from the wall, and anything else inside your case. You will use the paper clip to connect the green wire on the main ATX connect on the power supply to any of the black wires. Once you have the paper clip in place, connect to power supply to the outlet. If the power supply is working properly it will spring to life. If the issue still occurs then we will need to send the unit in for repair."
  7. Is there software that can do this for you while the computer is running? Seems reasonable to an electrically challenged person like me. How about Speedfan. It shows voltage such as 12V = 11.4 to 11.8. Is that info meaningful?
  8. Sorry, you just exceeded my electrical qualifications. I have a multi-meter, but I wouldn't know a rail if it bit me in the butt. Do you, by any chance, have a link with instructions for doing this? I'll google it. Thanks.
  9. I push the start button and nothing happens for 15 to 20 seconds then boot up goes normally. Is this a PSU issue? Or something else? This is a new condition over the past couple of weeks and the lag seems to be getting longer. When I push the start button on the case the blue light comes on, but it seems be in a fast flicker state as opposed to steady blue once it starts. Aloha
  10. There's no way I could let all that work you folks put into my attempts to get up and running go without thanks. And it wasn't like you put in a couple of words and let me go. You kept after it even when I was ready to throw in the towel. That's above and beyond. Good work.
  11. For those of you who offered assistance for my problems getting two sticks of OCZ ram to work in this board - Thank you. For those who want to see what happened you can look here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=69162 DFI RMA'd a new board to me almost a month ago. After listening to it call to me from under my desk I finally opened it up and installed yesterday. The board came loaded with the 04/06 BIOS. I loaded one stick of ram in the orange slot closest to the edge of the board, went into the BIOS and set up the numbers from Ryder at OCZ, ran Memtest on that stick, shut down and cleared the CMOS, installed the other stick in the same slot, ran Memtest on that stick, shut down and cleared the CMOS, installed the second stick of ram in the other orange slot and.......... it worked. Amazing! Just like it's supposed to work. Wow! Thanks again for all your help. This forum has great resources and people willing to help.
  12. So, you can just delete everything in that folder without any downside?
  13. LOL I'm sorry. There is so much to say at this point in regard to your question and I'm not the one to say them. I just got a chuckle from your simple question after the problems I've had. I'm sure you will be able to get up and running in no time as the help on this forum is awesome. I have a new board in on an RMA that I don't even want to touch because the old board is actually running although with only one stick of ram. But it is running. If I try the new board and it takes days to get up like this one did...........I'm sweating bullets just looking at the new board down there on the floor next to my feet calling to me.... "Come on turkey, try me. What, you scared? You can't take the heat?" Heh heh. Sorry. You'll get it. These people can help you through anything (he says trying to build up his courage.) It'll be ok........
  14. RMA'd the board. Let's see if that makes a difference. You're right, everything should work.
  15. Does it show in Device Manager? If not I think you need to install the driver.
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