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  1. yea looks like its not worth it i found a site where some guy posted a guide, when you take the IHS off the top of the core sits about 1.3mm under the retention bracket, so you would have to remove this too, then you would run the risk of putting too much pressure on the chip itself. if you get it off in the first place that is. lapping it will be...
  2. was wondering if anyone ever had the balls to take the heatspreader off a core2, i hadnt realy found any accounts of people doing it. and if you have is it worth the risk for the temp drop? im thinking about it but i want to know exactly what im doing before i have to throw away several hundred $$
  3. ok ive been playing and for now the stable max is 410mhz on the ram just under 3.7ghz 1644 fsb. one thing i noticed when going from complete stock volt settings after reseting cmos, to max volt settings usualy causes too much of a surge and causes the computer to shut off, atleast in my case which i wouldnt be that surprised if it was just my crappy 520w PS. (il fix this when i get paid on friday :cool: ) also i was running 3dmark01 great, got 46292 3dmarks which is fantastic for having a stock video card, but when i tried to run 2k3 it said my system didnt support ANY of the tests and that i should use 3dmark 2001 :mad: i dunno why its not seeing the hardware all of a sudden. also installed some new video drivers so windows poped up and said it detected 'major hardware changes' and wants me to reactivate, called the number and they couldnt activate it untill the tech support guy gets there tomorow so i just told them nevermind, il crack the registry if i cant use my legaly purchased software, they had nothing to say hah http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=133938 got superPI 1m down to 11.955 seconds SiSandra 2007: Dhrystone ALU 34091 MIPS Whetstone iSSE2 23552 MFLOPS Integer x8 iSSE4 204742 it/s Floating-Point x4 iSSE2 109845 it/s RAM Int Buff'd iSSE2 7789 MB/s RAM Float Buff'd iSSE2 7784 MB/s its workin great on mostly auto settings like the old guy suggested. il add this to the OCDB when i make sure its stable... cant wait for my friggen DD tyee waterblock, hopefuly tuesday:rolleyes:
  4. well im already 'smiling like a fool' 50-60% overclock is rediculous, but im never satisfied untill i know it cant go any higher and thanks raja thats the info i was lookin for. and oldguy - it doesnt like to post anything above 390 with 667, though i didnt play around with that divider too much, il take a look at it again. thanks this should keep me busy for the next 24 hours haha
  5. ive gotten the fsb up to 412mhz max, it seems stable around 405-410 after 3dmarks and sandra 07 burn in tests and running 2 instances of [email protected] overnight. theres just so many other ram settings im not farmiliar with (also im not sure what that +594 was, i copied a sig from another forum and i must not have copied correctly, sorry )
  6. ah damn forgot to put that in there, its pc8500 native 5-5-5-15
  7. ive been screwing with this system for about 2 weeks and seem to have played with every setting im farmiliar with (about half of them, this bios is friggen confusing hah) ive read all sorts of great info on this forum and im posting a pic of what stats its running now, if anyone can suggest a way to clean up the timings that would be appreciated, i can get the cpu/fsb to OC very well but if i tighten up the ram at all it seems to not want to post. im just looking for any suggestions you guys might have. thanks. (my hardware is in the sig, the speeds in the sig are the max OC ive been able to hit. this pic is what my current settings are at, slightly lower for 24/7 stability) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v239/gho...PC/untitled.jpg
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