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  1. This sounds like a similar issue to the one I just had with my Opteron 170 and my Mushkin Redline @ 3.2v. Boot up with 1 stick, and set your BIOS settings to something that fits your ram. Make sure you Vdimm is 3.2 or higher. If you have to change a setting, save it, and reboot back into the BIOS. Then power down, and shut off the PSU (I had to leave my cord in). Wait about 15-30 mins and try to boot. If it doesn't work then, try waiting for longer. The first time it worked for me I had to wait longer than 2hrs. As your board runs, it seems to 'burn in' so to speak, because my wait times kept droping untill I could successfuly cold boot. I hope this helps, it took me 4 days to get my SLI-D up Thread of my issue: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=68054
  2. Just poping in to say that im up on my Opteron computer now, starting to get my OC'ing in. Just doing a dual prime to make sure im solid before I start.
  3. Thanks for the replys guys, I believe I have figured it out. I have the Mushkin 2x512 Redline 991440, CH5-UTT chips from what I have heard. I am able to use the value ram to go into the bios, to up my vdimm, then shut it down and put in my redline. I have to let it boot to bios with a single redline in the outer orange slot (sometimes the outer yellow works). Then I set my BIOS settings. Same ones that I used before on my old Gigabyte board, 2-2-2-5 timings. Then I powerdown and change the memory to the yellow slots, putting the 'GOOD' stick of redline that I just booted with nearest the processor, and the other one that it won't boot with, in the outer yellow slot. Then it gets weird... It will only boot from here, if I turn off the PSU, leaving it plugged in, for over 15 mins. Then I turn on the PSU, and it boots like a charm... I believe I am suffering from that 'Cool Boot' issue or something similar. Where you have to boot into the bios for the vdimm to take effect. Regardless, I am in the middle of installing Windows. Hopefully this board will turn out to be all that I've heard about them. Anyone here use 2x512 redline aswell? It would be handy to see some good overclocks for them.
  4. Ok, so I got my 600W GXS today, and it seems to have taken care of most of the issues. I can post reliably to the bios with my Ultra Generic Ram, but I cannot get the board to co-operate with my Redline CH-UTTs.. I am running this comp off 1 of my redline so I can use the other to test with. The stick doesn't work in any slot alone. The generic ram will post and be stable, and will pass memtest. If I put a stick of each, it will only detect the ValueRam. I used the generic ram to load the bios and change the vdimm up. I tried a few settings and im up to 3.1v right now, but it still wont find the redline. I don't really want to go too much higher, the valueram might die. Any suggestions to help get this SLI-D to work with my good ol Redline? Contrary to my sig, I am using an AMD64 3000+ for the testing. Edit---- Ok, so I got it all working so far I think. It posts with my Redline now, but I think dual channel makes it fail. I am running memtest in single channel right now with both sticks in the outer slots, 1 orange, 1 yellow. Then I am going to try dual channel.
  5. I had a 500W pus laying around, so I tried using it even though its generic. It has two 12v rails at 16A and 18A. It didn't help, so I combined it with my OCZ 420W. I plugged the OCZ into the ATX slot, and then I used the 500W for everything else, the 7950GT, the HDD, and the 3 extra Mobo plugs. Still not working. I mean, if it is the psu, wouldn't the 420W and 500W splitting the load help?
  6. I am having some issues getting this board to post. I have tried my ram in each slot, but it only made it into the bios once with my ram after a long cmos clear. Following the guides here, I set it for Optimized defaults, and then rebooted. But after that, the board would not post, showing 3 LEDs. Figuring it was my Redline causing the trouble with the Voltages, I grabbed a stick of generic value ram 512 mb. Using this stick I could get in the bios only when I did a cmos clear. No matter what changes I made to the bios, including trying optimized defaults, the board would not post, showing the 3 LEDs. So, then after reading around I thought it might be my power supply, so I took my opty out, and put in my 3000+ Winchester, and recieved the same results. In a few of the post failures I had, the leds would stop at 1 with no video. This led me to further suspect my PSU, so I took out the 7950 GT and put in an old PCI card. The same thing still happens. I can't post with my Redline, and the valueram only posts once... Is the 420W OCZ not strong enough for a A64 3000+ with an old PCI Card? Let alone an Opteron and a 7950 gt...? I tried to get to the store to get a stronger PSU, but they closed early today. I was wondering if there is anything else I should try. I realize that the mushkin could be the issuse, and the value ram might not support the BIOS defaults... But I can't flash the bios without being able to post, can I? Should I sit tight and get a OCZ 600W GXS tomorrow? Or should I be taking the board back tomorrow and try a replacment?
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