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  1. When you talk about divider are you talking about th ram settings when I can choose to make it pc400 pc533 and so on?
  2. The past week I have been trying to get over 2.6ghz and i cant seem to be able to do it. I can get it to boot at 260x10 but it will just go blue screen and say something about my Memory. I am kinda new to overclocking and I have read the overclocking guide. I just dont know what is holding me back from clocking higher. But I am guessing that it is my ram. Any help would be nice thanks!
  3. When I try to get passed 2.5 my computer will not boot. I have tryed to up the volts to 1.50 and that still does not help. HTT: x4 FSB:10x250 1.42V That is all i need to get a stable 2.5ghz, when i try to push my FSB to 251 it will not boot. Any help would be nice thanks!
  4. This is my first overclock and i was wondering if you could tell me if it look's good it runs stable I ran Prime05 for 8 hours. But tell me what you think. It stays below 46C under full load. This is on stock cooling also.
  5. Hey all, just saying hi i'm new. and I was wondering how you work the Attach File thing sorry if it is really easy. Guess i am just not getting it. =D thx!
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