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  1. Raja, I have been very interested in this possibility for awhile. Please share what you have done and your results when you get a chance. My NB runs very cool with a Thermaltake cooler on it and I'd really like to increase the voltage beyone 1.75; I have been suspecting for awhile that this would be profitable for higher O/Cs. THanks
  2. Just a few more details: I set all the DRAM settings to auto except the divider (533) and the drive strengths (all at 3). That was basically it plus all the standard O/C guide standard settings.
  3. This new BIOS is in-sane. I went from 370 to 420, with cooler temps. My NB is running really cool now. Unbelievable. I just wish I could boot in with the 400 divider, which is still impossible, so my ram is probably taking a beating. Keep in mind I am totally on air at 420 with 4 GIGS of RAM. This BIOS is amazing. Excellent work, excellent. A real triumph.
  4. Good info, thanks Raja. By the way, what does the "voltage" tab on Smartguardian do? What does adjusting those sliders do? I don't see any change in any voltages. Does anyone know? Thanks.
  5. I tried running only two sticks of RAM, and my OCs were exactly the same. Then I bought a new, very nice, expensive PSU (have to update my sig now) and installed it. It is a Noisetaker II 600W. It is quieter but still no differences on my OCs. In fact, I think I can only run about 10 MHz LESS fsb now. So I am not sure.
  6. What can I do to boost my NB voltage beyond the 1.75 in BIOS? Is there a utility that would allow this? Thanks
  7. Can anyone confirm for me whether the DFI Intel board BIOS's force an 800MHz strap on the NB when selecting a 533 or 400 divider? I suspect this is the case, which causes the 975 chipset to automatically raise it's internal multiplier from 4 to 6, making O/Cs significantly NB-limited. If this is true, is there anyone who knows of a BIOS for this board that does not alter the strap to the NB from 1067, or alternatively allows the user to manually select the NB strap. I know other board manufacturers have this in BIOS. I believe this would allow for way higher O/Cs because so many of us are running NB-limited based on the design of the chipset which automatically changes its multiplier. Thanks
  8. Raja, thanks for the quick reply. I am running 4G of Ram. 4 Corsair sticks. I have experimented in every way to set the 400MHz (4:3) divider, but no matter what, it won't even get to BIOS. I thought maybe my ram didn't like running too SLOW, so I tried booting with the 1:1 at 266fsb, which runs my ram at 533, naturally, and it worked fine. Then I calculated what the exact fsb speed would have to be to get the exact same RAM speed with the 400 divider, plugged those numbers in (if I recall it was fsb at a very easy 335 or something) and it would not even get into BIOS. The ram SHOULD be experiencing the exact same input with the latter configuration as with the 533 divider/ 266fsb, but since it wouldn't boot, I think the problem does not have to do with the ram, but rather with the chipset. I have searched the OCDB and there is not a single screenshot of anyone running the 400 divider. This makes me more suspicious. Have you ever actually seen it work with my combination? Again, I believe it has to do with the chipset, or maybe there is something I can set in BIOS to make it work, although I have explored everything. All setting on auto, everything. Do you know of any way to slow the chipset down? Thanks, Noah
  9. I can get overclocks of about 377fsb to run stable and cool. I have noticed however, (I am running 831 BIOS) that there is no way to boot into the 4:3 divider with my rig. No matter what combination of starting parameters I choose, I have to reset my BIOS - it won't even get to the BIOS screen. Is the 400MHz divider even an option with the 975X Chipset? I don't think it was with the 965. I would love to be able to use it but the lowest I can run is 1:1, which puts my ram at 751MHz which runs actually fine. But I have hit the O/C wall here and want to slow down my ram to try that route. Question 2: I all honesty, I don't really believe my ram is the bottleneck - rather I think it is the chipset itself. The strap is 1066 to the chipset, right? I am afraid the wall here is that my chipset is maxing out way before my CPU. Are there any tweaks that can be used increase the strap to 1333 or something to the chipset so I can slow it down? Many users have noticed that they need to increase the NB voltage to max to get the signal strength needed to O/C. This is because, I think the NB is really being pushed to its limits with the fsb O/Cs. Ideally I would like to be able to unlock my CPU multi, as is possible on the ASUS boards - how long until we can expect a similar BIOS evolution from DFI, or alternatively, a way to adjust the chipset strap? Thanks for your input and this is a great resource.
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