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  1. Nope they won't.. You'll have to get 4 of the same sticks..
  2. O.k.. Heres how I have it set. I have mine set to 2.07V and I'm completely stable. It's the exact same RAM I have. If thats the case try the 2.07V. I also have them set at 4-5-5-14 2T and it rocks. That works for me..
  3. No you have Orleans @ Stock which is telling me your speed is at Stock. One of your problem's could be your Stock Fan/Heatsink. Corsair isn't going to be able to gibve you tech support on this board. Contacting them is going to do you no good. If you really want to make this board work. Get some OCZ DDR2 800. I guarantee you'll have alot less headaches.
  4. Your not telling us alot of Information. My first question is what CPU cooler are you using? DDR2 800 is compatible with this board. But there's been a lot of issue's with Corsair Ram not working well with it. OCZ sticks seem to work the best.
  5. Antec power supply's are not highly thought of with these boards. Been alot of people had problems with them. As soon as they changed over to something else. No problems. Also remember with a 500watt PSU your not getting 500watt. Your actually getting 480. With Antecs cheap SMART Power. It's less than that.
  6. C1 is the code that tells wether or not your BIOS is posting. Sounds like you might be RMAing that board..
  7. One problem with all of this. AM3 will be a whole new socket. It won't be compatible with AM2.
  8. To hell with it... If it's not DFI i don't want it anyways....
  9. I hate to say it's a bad Mainboard. But my first one did the same thing. Ended up having to RMA it back to Newegg.
  10. I use the ThermalTake Mini Typhone. It works excellent. My Idle temps 34 with AS5.
  11. Yes the memory listed will work. So you want OCZ PC3200 2x1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146970 Now you won't be able to use the 2x512 memory with the 2x1 modules. They all have to be the same. So looks like you through some more money away. You should have gotten the 2x1 to start with. AMD will always show that ram at 2.5. It's only 2 when in an Intel machine.
  12. Its absolutely too small. You need at least 600W. Go OCZ.
  13. I would have absolutely went 2x1 on those modules. PC3200 is getting harder to find. I remember back in the days when old 486 SIMM memory was $30 a MB. 4 MB was $150.00. I don't miss those days..
  14. I was right. It was a bad board. As soon as I fired this computer up. No problems. No errors. Shut it off. Hooked up all my drives. Dropped the other stick of RAM in. It's flying.. WOOT!!!!
  15. Just got the new board.. Getting ready to fire it up for the first time. Here's hoping..
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