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  1. Really? The board is new ( I know this might not mean much ) and the bios doesn't lose it's settings.
  2. Just to update. I got the OC working, turned out to be the clock of the memory rather than the timings. I set it to low and clocked the proc high and I had a winner. Only other issue I did have is that the board wouldn't power on after long periods of being off, unless I flicked the psu switch loads and pressed the case switch just as I flicked the PSU back to on. I assumed it was the PSU so have just ordered a 650 watt antec trio and it's arriving tomorrow.
  3. I thought antec were a known name? I've always used 4 sticks. So basically we're saying start overclocking from scratch? I don't have a problem with that. I tend to run my memory underclocked and keep the timings at stock and I've never really had problems. I guess its back to the drawing board then , I'll start low and work my way up :sad: I appreciate the benefits of having a high rated PSU and I will upgrade it in the future, but it never limited my OC before where the majority of my equipment was the same. Even my old graphics card used to run at uber volts. I will provide ram details when I'm at the machine , but I can't atm.
  4. lol major typo. I meant 480, but its actually 450 watt with 21 amps on the +12v (just looked it up from my order history). Not massive I know but it doesn't seem like the limiting factor to me.
  5. I'm not on the comp in question atm. As soon as I'm on it I'll post back further details. The PSU is an Antec 280 Watt job. I forget the amp rating, but its no cheap tat. All the sticks are the same and read the same by SPD if I recall correctly.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I've read the stickied guides. Not really anything I didn't already know but its nice to see some board specific stuff. The memory is running at 2t at the moment. It won't hurt to try it a little higher. Thing to remember is that the pc boots fine at stock. Is what I proposed about the chipset voltage unheard of?
  7. Hi there, nice forums you got here. It's my first post so I hope not to sound too retarded. Basically I'm having some trouble overclocking my new setup. Everything is as in my signature below. I used to use an Abit AV8 and my Opteron would clock up to 2.8 ghz with minimal voltage bump. I've tried going for a similar clock on this new board but I can never get into Windows. On one occasion I managed to get in very briefly at 2.4 ghz but it wasn't stable enough to use and gave errors almost instantly. I'm running the memory on all sorts of dividers (right down to DDR266 speeds) and still getting no joy. The memory was fine in my other setup so I don't see it being the problem here. I've also tried upping the voltage on the cpu all the way up to 1.525v, arguably I got the furthest at this voltage but it wasn't into windows for more than a few seconds before it crapped out. I know this proc is capable on less volts than that so I'm thinking it must be something else. The only thing I haven't tried yet is a bump to the chipset voltage. This will be the first thing I try when I get in tonight, but it just seemed a little odd that I'd have to apply a voltage bump to the chipset at such a low clock? This is all being done on the stock bios btw. I didn't want to go flashing straight away. Any advice would be brilliant, and thanks in advance.
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