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  1. I uninstalled them in the device manager, restarted, and let windows find them again. I guess it doesnt really count as reinstalling them haha, but thats what i meant.
  2. i have fiddled around with the settings in the BIOS. It seems that when v1.1+2.0 is enabled, i get the problem where i have to unplug my mouse to get windows to boot to the log in screen. However, if only v1.1 is enabled i dont have that problem. I have enabled v2.0 and reinstalled usb drivers in windows but that doesnt seem to help. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. oh and my first board didnt have this problem, it booted windows and ran fantastically until the cmos issue. I had it for about three weeks.
  4. the first one was over a cmos issue, this one is over the usb issue. Its not just the usb mouse that does it, if anything is plugged into the back usb ports windows wont boot unless i unplug them.
  5. anyone? This will be the second DFI board i have RMA'd
  6. Does anyone know why i have to unplug my mouse to get windows to boot the login screen? It has the bar moving across the bottom, then it goes to a black screen like its going to load the login screen but then it just sits there unless i unplug my usb mouse, then plug it back in after its loaded. Any ideas would be terrific.
  7. I got new OCZ ram, ran memtest like you said, all of its stable. I reflashed the bios using Tmod's cd - i still get the same result, windows just sits there at Setup is loading windows.
  8. Actually now i cant tell if it is my ram. Im begining to think i should just RMA all of my parts and start over lol. This is driving me absolutely crazy.
  9. Hey Everyone, So i ran memtest again in a last ditch effort with both sticks in dimms 1 and 3. On test 8 at pattern 00000000-1 it immediately hits 90 errors. Im gonna RMA my corsair for some OCZ gold. Anyone have any comments on this?
  10. Im gonna try some things i have read about tonight, ill keep you all updated tho.
  11. I have tried one stick of ram in dimm 2, and one stick of ram in dimm 1, both give me the same result.
  12. My xp cd has sp1, and the drive i would like to put windows on is a Sata 3gb/s western digital. Should i try slipstreaming sp2? I really appreciate all the help by the way:)
  13. Yea i only have one hard drive connected. There are a few more things i can try, like manually increasing the voltages of the ram. This problem is driving me nuts:mad:
  14. So i ran memtest for 9 hours last night on tests 5 and 8 - no errors I am running one stick of ram in dimm 2 and the only things i have plugged in are my cd drive, video card and harddrive, yet i still cannot get past the setup is loading windows. Is it time to rma the board? What are the proper settings for a sata drive that is not in the raid?
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