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  1. Thanksgiving :eek: DA BAMB :eek: sale at Newegg. 89bucks. OMG, its like free. I was tempted to buy one after finding out newegg put it on sale this evening, but have just figured out that I have no future intention of buying another set of 2G PC3200/4000 sticks. I gave up, but must be a really good deal.
  2. It is cold today, and I felt actually hot yesterday before going to bed. I guess that explains why my otpy runs well today voltage wise. Yes, I see prime95 tortues cpu more than others, and the torture test on OCCT have a short note that the failure of the task may have nothing to do with practical performance in daily applications. Anyway, it runs so far on 1.47 vcore and it is much cooler than before. Looks like there is really burn-in advantage. I learned something today. :tooth:
  3. It looks like settling down at the same clock speed but with a bit lower vcore. Let me see if it can endure 1hr OCCT CPU torture test, superPI 32M, and prime95 8hrs+. It did when 1.52v, but not sure about when 1.46. I indeed tested upping clock speed to make use of lowered vcore. Interestingly, clocking over 2.75ghz appears leading to nearly the same instability no matter what vcore I put it on.
  4. What do you mean by ambient temp? (You see I am a newbie ) Let's say buring in my opty will allow it to run at lower voltage for the same overclocking. Does this mean there will be more room for higher overclocking? Btw, I am facing a new trouble I did not expect after lowering down the voltage. At this lower vcore, for some reason, my system does not pass OCCT torture test while it is stable at Prime95 and superPI. Very weird.:confused:
  5. This is a new experience to me. My otpy is moody !!! As you can see in my sig, my 144 CACJE was settling down to 2.75Ghz under vcore of 1.52 yesterday. It primed all night long and till late this morning for about 12hrs+. So, I just thought I found a sweet spot at 1.52v. Today, hoping to cut off a bit of temperature on my CPU, I just tried to decrease vcore by .25v, from 1.52 to 1.49, and viola!! It primes now without any problems. Yesterday, when the vcore was set to 1.50v, it was never stable and quit within less than a minute! Now, it runs OK. So, what the heck, I took another 2.5vcore off from 1.49 and ran prime95 again. Frankly, I did not expect it to run even a minute at 1.46 voltage, because it couldn't yesterday. But, to my surprise! it now primes well with 1.43vcore.:eek: Do you experience this ups and downs occasionally?
  6. I had a weird "imperfect installation" of winXP on DFI LP nF4 Ultra-D and opteron combo. The CDs I used were all verified to be working for other computers. Installation appeared fine and when it gets to window, a few critical components are missing, directories are empty, can't manually install those missing components and etc all damn troubles I couldn't understand. I suspected 1) memory, 2) then PSU (because mine is cheap a$$ $30 one), 3) even my opteron (because it is known to be a server CPU). No problems there at all after hours of memtest, and voltage readout, and researching review for CPU compatibility...:drool: (It took days and nights...) Finally, when I asked for a help, somebody in this forum suggested to check the optical drive which was the last thing I had a doubt on. It was nearly a brand new, and has been working flawlessly on other setups for a few weeks. Indeed, the source of trouble turned out to be the DVDRW. Of course, I made sure it is not a cable issue or any other misplacement nor mechanical problems before trying the last resort, REPLACING THE DRIVE WITH OTHER ONE. So, I plugged an old CDRW drive after ditching out the suspicious DVDRW, **BAM** !! Everything started working fine, so I RMAed the bad drive, while using the old drive temporarily. Life became much easier since then. So, please check your optical drive. I couldn't believe my eyes when I actually found it had caused the trouble.
  7. I had a really odd incidence with those ballistix on sempron 754 system, and it was a big big pain. With the memory, i was able to boot but the random restarting keeps continuing whenever heavy load was necessary. I thought it was because of outdated memory controller on sempron, but kind of doubt my diagnosis because it is virtually the same controller as venice which has no problems with recent cutting-edge gigastick memories. Now, this thread reminds me I had a crap $30 PSU (Black Steel-- I can't even find this manufacturer any longer online) on that system, and the problem occasionally happened when I replaced those ballistix with a very stable 512MB stick. Those ballistix (btw, the kit was 16TD1 model that was revised from those 16TDs with slow-death problem) are now plugged into opteron [email protected] on dfi LP nf4 ult-D and working fine without pooping out troubles, and I actually use a better PSU (although still #30 one, HEC orion 585 --at least, this company still sells PSU online ) that appears having stable dual 12v rail both above +19A. The only noticeable difference is that mine runs not good at vdimm over 2.6. Indeed, pushing the memory over 270FSB ends up memtest86 errors under 3-3-3-8-1T timing. And, adding more voltage never helped to get speed over 270+. And, now I suspect my PSU may not have provided any stable power to that old sempron system. (Its single 12v rail was rated as 25A, but who believes it in recent days unless tested among many?) Now, whatever this ballistix memory can do or not, I guess I would replace my PSU with a better one, may be OCZ extreme or whatever qualified for DFI board. PSU was the last thing I spend money for, but I guess I am learning some important lessons through experience.:cool:
  8. Thanks, I learned ! :tooth: That makes perfect sense. And, indeed I just reminded myself that there is 233 option in the memory ratio in mine, which was bought a few weeks ago.
  9. The 144 cacje [ke-ci-ji:D or keg-ji :eek2: or sa-si-ji: :nod: or whatever lol] passed 12hrs+ of prime95 blend test. The temperature stayed around below 48c all the time, and when I woke up this morning it stayed around 44-46 (it was cold this morning here). The computer is in my bedroom unfortunately:sweat: , so the the temperature could have been lower if it was placed in the living room. Now, its time for OCCT and 3d gaming test !! (My last build completely failed at 3d gaming even after being stable at every torture test that overclockers exploit.:eek2:)
  10. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. As far as I understood, putting 1:1 in bios option for my PC4000 automatically overclocks its paired processor to the corresponding clock speed by 1:1 (200) ratio. Indeed, I see my opteron gets around 2.2ghz speed when I put 200 for the 1:1 ratio. To achieve the stock speed of my opteron, I just downclock the memory to 166 and the processor speed pops up as 1.8G. Then, I simply run my memory as PC3200 by tightening the memory timing like 2-2-2-6 with lower voltage like 2.5v, although no good for a certain type of memory like mine that doesn't like operating speed lower than the spec, DDR500. So, simply the beginning point of overclocking is higher when PC4000 is used than when PC3200 is used. Is there any advantage? The only advantage I can tell is at least I am guaranteed for 250FSB where most of value memories are not able to reach nor stable. How helpful is this for processor overclocking? Practically none as my naive experience tells. Unless I am doing some fancy benchmarking for overall system performance, none of my previous systems appear accomplishing "**practically** better" performance by memory overclocking. If the ram divider is set properly for system stability, the CPU overclocking appears to be the evident way to boost up visible performance (personally, I don't give a damn about 1:1 ratio at all). Losing stability and being limited to lower CPU speed appear much worse than losing a bit of performance gain by sticking to its designated speed of a given memory. Again, correct me if I am wrong !! I am a newbie.
  11. Reporting another opteron 144 overclocking. It is settling down to 2.75ghz on air with Zalman 7700 (120mm) cooler under 1.52vcore (now running on prime95 for about 2+ hours stable). I hoped it to be better than this, but 2.7+ will surely do its job. The temperature goes never higher than 48C under full hours load of prime95. When tested under superPi 32M, it does 2.9ghz stable under 1.52vcore, but always fails at prime95. I don't know why, and I just guess prime95 tortures the core much extensively. I tempered around a bit from 2.8-3.1ghz, but was never able to make it stable. The fact that it sporadically boots up and even gets into Windows under 3.0ghz and above, I think this 144 CACJE still has more room to be tweaked, but I am too inexperienced to get more out of it. (And, I have the king of Mr. instability memory, the Crucial Ballistix PC4000 2G kit, which is notorious for its bizaire and erratic performance). It was ordered around 11/12/06 from newegg and shipped on the same day, and price was like 75 bucks. And, it is within the same price range as venice 3200+, and I guess many people actually get stable 2.75Ghz from venice 3200+. Well, so I don't seem to gain nor lose anything by choosing opteron, but anyway am glad it works good now.:shake:
  12. Thank you very much. Indeed, putting x4 multi let the HTT pass over than 1200 in most occasions, so I guess x3 would be realistic in my case. Btw, I see you are in Ames. Hows the weather in Iowa? I've lived there in Iowa (Iowa City) for 7 years, and moved to Boston a few months ago. Damn I miss Iowa City. Boston sucks. lol
  13. I have struggled to set up my opteron 144 and dfi combo, and finally get to the point of pushing them to their limit. I have used LDT multi of x3, and it made HTT freq stays around 800ish. Is this OK? I understood from a OC guide here that the HTT speed should be around 1000mhz in a 939 system, not 700-900mhz which was typically allowed for a 754 system. I moved up from 754 system, so I just picked up x3 LDT multi I am used to. But, is it necessary to keep HTT speed exactly 1000HT? Indeed, my opteron is unstable even at around 2.65ghz, and I just thought it may be because I used x3 LDT multi that gave HTT speed of 800ish. Thanks. :confused:
  14. The problem I had with my system was solved. I had a defective DVDRW, so winXP was not installed properly. I replaced the defective drive with new one from my old PC, and the system works fine. XP is now normally being installed. Btw, the ballistix kit on this new opteron 144+dfi setting appears working fine so far. They passed memtest with no problem, which I hardly was able to see when they were on my sempron setting. So, I guess it was an outdated memory controller on sempron that cause the trouble. I should test further with more practicall applications and benchmark, but so far so good.
  15. Thank you guys. The CDRW drive I brought from other machine is absolutely doing its temporary job in a perfect manner. I guess I'll just RMA this DVDRW drive without spending further time in testing. I would ask one from different brands so I won't experience troubles if this is a compatibility issue, althought I doubt that. Thanks anyway. I am so relieved to fix this problem and can go to bed without headache.
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