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  1. I have an Opteron 168 at stock volts (which is pretty low, everest reports 1.328) that I clocked up to 2.7ghz last night and ran prime95 on both cores for three hours at which one core called it quits. Temps were hovering at about 51 degrees. It might be a stupid question but, can undervolting actually raise the stress on a cpu and create more heat. In my head, physics would tell me this is impossible... but i've been wrong before...
  2. After about 3 days of letting my Arctic Silver 5 settle in, I've decided to give my opty 165 some juice (currently testing @ 2.7ghz on stock voltage with no memory divider, gotta love DFI)... I'm now into the second hour of prime95 torture test (two instances running on each core) and CPU temps are holding steady at 51 degrees (plus or minus 2 with fluctuation). At Idle, it hangs around at about 34. My stepping is supposed to be pretty darn good, but I'm not looking for a rediculous overclock. 2.7 to 2.8 will be fine for me... My question is: is 51 degrees too much? thanks,
  3. I've been looking at some posts here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=52398 they all seem to be be placing the voltages anywhere from 1.45 - 1.61:eek2: so you don't think 1.35 (or what CPU-Z calls 1.32) is a little low?
  4. Also, should I remove my heat sink and redo installation just to find out my stepping?
  5. Thank you very much for your links, I'm giving them a read right now... question: which voltage reading is the most accurate... the BIOS readings / settings, or the reading provided by using some program in windows (i.e. sandra, cpu-z, etc...)?
  6. Well, I'm kind of new to overclocking (and now i feel like a moron). I thought I would be able to tell the stepping through CPU-z because it has those fields. Only after I installed it did I realize that the only way to find your stepping was to read it physically on the outside... All I know is that it's a 4 day old shipment from New Egg, and everyone seems to be getting good stepping there lately... I haven't bumped up speeds yet... I shouldn't be having stability problems at 1.8ghz I should hope...
  7. Hey everyone... Last night I switched out my old Venice 3000+ (939) @ 2.4ghz for an Opteron 165. Before I removed it I reset the BIOS. I tried to boot back up but had some stability issues. At this point I installed the Opty 165 and again had some stability issues. I relaxed my memory timing (to 3-4-4-8) and was finally able to boot. Stability remained an issue though (but just vs-2005 debug errors). Looking through some settings in CPU Z, Sandra, Everest I noticed it claimed the vcore was at 1.32 when I had it manually set in the BIOS to 1.350. I bumped up the vcore in the BIOS to 1.375, rebooted and now Everest says it's voltage is 1.344. My question is... what is wrong? What voltage reading is most reliable? My PSU is pretty decent... Is it normal for voltages set in the BIOS to be so off? Or is reading through Everst less accurate? If there is an issue with mobo or PSU, how can I fix? thanks, ~J
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