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  1. Nope, is that an option in my BIOS? ..And I forgot to mention I'm having a ''cold boot'' issue lol
  2. I'm having a few problems with my machine. Its runs smooth I guess but its glitchy at times none the less. First of all I checked my memory voltage with OCZ's site, it states that my memory voltage should be 2.75V, I checked this with nTune and ITEGuardian and they both said my ''Memory/DRAM'' Voltage was 2.00V.. So I went into my BIOS and changed the voltage under DRAM to 2.74V. I booted back into windows and and checked nTune/ITEGuardian and they now read 2.62V. This is in addition to my memory running at 332mhz when it should be 400mhz, as well as when I use nTune/SpeedFan to display my memory information the 4th DIMM "vendor name: Unkown, vendor part number: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" where as the rest read OCZ etc. etc. ..So maybe my 4th stick is bad? Also, how do I go about setting the stock timings or at least ensuring that they are in fact set at the stock speeds? Heres the memory I have: http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...inum_revision_2 All drivers and BIOS are up to date rig specs AMD X2 4600+ Manchester s939 DFI nF4-SLI Expert OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Platinum Revision 2 - 4x512mb OCZ ModStream 520w BFG 7800GTX OC Creative X-Fi XM Western Digital SATA 74Gb Raptor, Caviar 2x320Gb Plextor SATA DVD/CD
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