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  1. I'll have to give those drivers a try. I also noticed I am having some problem with sound but only when playing Multiplayer FSX in direct LAN connection. I'm using Plantronics SP500 headset for ATC only, and it works ok if I am in gamespy, but when direct connected to my brother on the network, the sound cuts out. It works for about 2 mins, then Poof I lose it. I don't know if there's a conflict within the network, or if it's another problem. So just update the Audio drivers, nothing else? I am running the 6.70 set, updated all of them with that pack. so let me know if anything else should be changed. Thanks
  2. Thanks for your tips guys. I had my mind on upgrading the PSU when I built this rig. I ran out of money, and havn't seen any problems with it, that is untill now, if that's a contributing factor. So I've got one in mind that isn't too expensive and is on the recommended list. With that said, I have read the OC guide and went step by step. It's still a bit confusing for me, as I am slightly mentally challenged. NO, not that, it's migraine headaches I deal with daily. BUT, I've managed to find out that I can turn my CPU up to 2.5 with the mentioned settings for memory turned down. It's stable that way, then turning the CPU down and turning up memory, it wouldn't let me go any higher. Only a few digits I think. Now, when I tried to set in those numbers, leaving mem at 200, and CPU at 250. It won't even boot. I even tried underclocking the memory, with CPU 250, and I finally got it booted, but was unstable. so I am back at stock right now. I ran memtest already and found no errors. I've also played around with timing and other settings in there, which manage to increase my 3DMark05 score a bit, and possibly FPS in FSX. But monitoring usage, CPU still 97-100% and memory 32-45 % and disk 0-15%. while running 3Dmark05 the usage is even lower. I have 2Gb ram, but seems to me I'm only using 1 of that. I also tried changing the page file anywhere from 1024-4096. These changes did nothing. I am planning on an overhaul. I'd like to go with a Dual Core CPU, but I do not know how this works or if FSX even supports it. Same goes for running in SLI mode. Is it possible to make your application run on one core, while Windows runs on the other? Is that how it works? And if FSX does not support Dual Core, I've heard they will actually cut performance down. But I'm sure the next version will support it, and SLI technology... I hope. The graphics card will be a DX10, probably G80 or similar. Whatever they come out with. But if FSX doesn't support SLI, I'll just stick to one. One more thing. While I was OCing, I saw my temps rise to about 75C on the CPU only at it's highest. Normal is about 30C. applications raise it slightly, maybe 45C at most. I've never seen 50 untill now. When I set it back to stock settings, the temps stayed high. I've removed and cleaned CPU, and all fans, re-thermaled it. Still high, then the next day, they were back to normal. I ran 3 monitors to check if they were right. They all matched. So any thoughts on that?
  3. Yep, it's more of a beast than FS2004, that's for sure. The main problem I am having, is the draw rate of scenery texture. It's a bit blurry untill gets time to fully draw. I've got most of the tweaks in, which gave me additional 5-10 fps, which allowed me to turn a few sliders up a hair. But I have very little AI traffic, 0 ground traffic, and the ground is blurred untill the full texture gets drawn. Oh, they made it for next generation computers alright, which the majority of us don't have yet. I've read dual core processors are actually slower right now. Whether Vista is going to fix that or not, is what I am waiting to find out. So I guess I need to find out how to overclock the CPU a bit.
  4. I've played Call of Duty, BFV, with no problems at settings high. Flight Sim 2004 even runs smooth, but FSX has ALOT of eye candy stuff. I've got those settings as low as I am willing to go. Any lower, and there's no point to switching versions. 3Dmark05 gives me if I recall, around high 3900s. I don't remember the exact number. As for resolution, in FS2004 I used to set to 1280 for clarity, but I have a crystal clear picture at 1024x680 at 70hz. Again I won't lower that either. Side note: I plan on upgrading to a DX10 card, larger processor (not sure about dual core in FSX yet) and Windows Vista. Sorta in the waiting for them to catch up with technology mode. I'm also wondering this... Should the processor usage alway be at 100%? I've never looked before now, so I don't know if that is normal. There are users running 4500+ processors that seem to running ok. I'm just waiting for that dual core decision.
  5. Thanks for your quick reply. My memory settings are set manually, and from the order you said, they are correct. I forgot to mention that I shut down all apps that I don't need for Flight Sim. I use FSAutostart and msconfig, which leaves only about 17 running. I'm not saying there is still something using it up, but I still don't get only hitting 46% on memory. Yea, I'm not too comfortable with using nTune either, but every time I try to change a number in the bios, it locks up or shuts down on me. Not to mention I have little knowledge in the bios. To add, I did run Memtest and it didn't find any errors. And both sticks are in dual channel mode, and detected. Now I'm thinking maybe something might not be set right in the bios, but have no idea what to look for. I figure the memory would fill up, as that is where all the texture files load into before being displayed. I am reading in avsim forum that we should be running 3gb ram for FSX, and pagefile should double ram size. But my disk usage is down most of the time also. It only spikes when I am loading the sim, or changing something in the menus, then drops to around 15%. So I think increasing pagefile would help load times but do nothing for average FPS. So if you got any other ideas, I'd appreciate it.
  6. Ok, I built this system a while ago, haven't had any problems with it yet, but this is just a bit more difficult to setup than all the others. I've just installed Flight Simulator X, and it's a major resource hog. Worse than FS9. I get slight studders, FPS are around 15, with some program tweaks I've got it to 15-30. But still lagging on the gauges. Anyways, I notice with nTune monitor, that while running the game, CPU usage is 96-100%, Memory never goes above 46%, and disk is 15% spiking at times to 30%. FSX uses processor and memory like no other game, meaning it hogs it. So my question is why is the memory reaching 46% but never going higher? As a rookie, this is the first time I've ever had to set the memory timing, and not too familiar with it. So if I have it set wrong, would that be it? I've tried it on Auto and manual with same results. My timing is Tcl 2 Trcd 3 Trad 5 Trp 2 T1, according to POST screen. Is that the correct order they go in when timing is listed? If so,I might have it wrong. My DRAM freq is set at 200 1:1. Pagefile is 2046. I've overclocked using nTune slightly. I hope I'm not missing any important info for you guys. Anything I can do to improve, please help.
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