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  1. i should have read this earlier. i had the same problem when i placed my pair of sticks in the 2 yellow slots "1(furthest from the CPU) and 3(second from the CPU). placing them both anywhere else works fine, however, to keep duel channel, 1 slot needs to be in slot 2, and the other in slot 4, the 2 orange slots. after several days of crashes and freezes, this solved my problems. however, for the voltages, i have no ideas...
  2. This is my interpertation of the bus structure of the NF590 because, there no longer needs to be a south bridge, instead, there is a secondary PCI-E 16x "Slave" connector, which is controlled by "Chip 2" of the NF590 chipset. this "Slave" PCI-E is placed closer to the CPU, hence, the aparant "Southbridge" is placed north of the "Northbridge". "Chip 2" is basicly a bus splitter, it acts as a switch between PCI-E 16x slave, and the chipset, meaning the "Slave" connector actually has higher priority than the other slots.
  3. after tryint to turn on "Internet Time" i noticed it was already on. it comes up with an error when you try to syncronise it. also, it only updates every 24 hours, and for my PC, thats more like 2 or 3 days.
  4. actually, now that i've noted times, it simly doesn't tick when the mains is off.
  5. now i've got a CMOS checksum, do you think its a duff backup battery?
  6. i can do that, but i shouldn't need to, the motherboard should keep track of all that.
  7. Date and Time clock that is. i looked at my time in windows on sunday, it said 3rd november 3PM, it was 5th november 1AM, thats 34 hours slow. last night at about midnight when i looked, it said 10PM. loosing a couple of hours a day isn't nice, i'm sure this isn't right, anyone else experienced anything simular? anything any of you know of that can fix it without me having to send it back?
  8. 1.3V RMS, assuming 5V high and 0V low squarewave, presumes that it is low about 3 times longer than it is high. since there are only 3 speed settings, off, low and on, having 2 settings at constant 5v is confusing.
  9. i can't fit an oscilloscope in my backpack, so i borrowed a rather expensive digital multimeter which includes RMS voltage measurements and a frequency counter.
  10. i took some measurements, it apears that below the "off" temp, it uses PWM and results in a 20kHz+ signal, RMS 1.3V, in the mid range, or the "full" range, it apears to output 5V DC.
  11. then i'll consider myself lucky that it works fine.
  12. i might have to borrow a few things from work to take measurements unless someone has some slightly more technical information to link me to.
  13. thank you for your (terribly spelled) comment, but as i pointed out, the PSU isn't the problem (and at £100 it is a rather expensive piece of "crape"). i didn't know the recomendations when buying the parts for the system, it was just the "Best" power supply from the place i was buying it from, almost all others were "generic" crap at about £30(and i'm sure this power supply is better than generic cheap junk(the kind of stuff that comes from cheap cases which include PSUs)).
  14. the CPU fan on my system makes up for about 90% of the noise, i installed the backplate speed controler that came with it and that made it quite, but i don't have any windows temperature measurement tools for this motherboard, so, i have no idea when it is a good time to turn the speed up... ok, so i know its PWM, but, do you have any specs on the voltages given out? i know this board has 3 settings, so, could it be something like: off: constant 0V slow: pulsing between 0v and 12v full: constant 12v if so, i can easily make something that can handle this, however, i doubt the 12v from the speed control line can power a fan, so, it would require some kind of buffer, this would work with either a transistor, an op-amp, or because it is digital, even a CMOS chip. (using a CMOS chip and a capacitor, this would give me 0v, 12v, or about 6v output(assuming a 1:1 mark to space ratio on the pulses), off, full and slow.) however, i've looked and can't seem to find any specs, thats why i asked here.
  15. ive already solved the problem, and it apears other people have the same problem, a pair of sticks in the yellow slots results in unstableness, however, use the orange slots, and it works fine.
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