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  1. I just completed the 24 CMOS clear and, well, nothing. Anything else i can try?
  2. Yeah, I can't get into the BIOS. Well, I finished with the short CMOS clears and am doing an 8 hour now. Considering I'm going to bed soon I might just let it go for the full 24 just to get it done. If the CMOS doesn't work is there anything else it could be, or do i just shoot it?
  3. I followed the initial build exactly as it was written. I'm 99% sure that the power connectors are tight enough. I'm doing a CMOS clear now.
  4. So I purchased these computer parts listed in my sig, and am totally stumped. I've been through the whole of the 'Initial Build' thread multiple times. It just refuses to boot. I can only get the first diagnostic LED to drop, indicating ram is the issue, but I've tried 6 different sticks of ram. I'm at my wits end. Please, someone, anyone, save my sanity.
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