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  1. Okay I have been doing some research on other sites about slipstreaming.... It seems that even though you load a driver on the F6 screen if you have a slipstreamed disk it will load the CDs driver and ignore the one on the floppy. Apparently I need to edit the winnt.sif file in the I386 directory and change OemPreinstall=Yes to No this will stop the automatic loading of any drivers but I can handle that I guess.... There must also be a way of removing all SATA drivers except for the relevant one to my current machine (or add it if not already there) and go from there. Will try the easier of the two fixes now and see how it goes... Cheers, Matt
  2. Have done a fresh low level format on both drives within the F4 raid utility still same problem. I have an ancient pre SP1 copy of XP that also installs and sees the array as 1x500gig drive as well as lets me set up a 20gig os partition on it (I know I know). This is using the floppy drivers. So it must be a windows specific thing. I have a great slip streamed tweaked pre-installed software latest updates etc version of xp corp that I am using my purchased xp key on. I actually have two. Where would I find the siIxxxx.sys file on the xp CD to remove it? Have tried doing a search but its not just sitting there maybe in a cab? Is this even the right place to be discussing this? Maybe I should kill this post now before I gets into trouble... :eek2:
  3. Yah Ive done all that (I RTFM after 5 mins on this setup!!) Ive set up Sata raid in bios and created an array with raid setup (F4) then used F6 to install the driver off the floppy....I know it works as Ive got the MCE disk to install without a hitch. Only thing is, its not mine and I dont WANT MCE. I was just thinking about it last night I wonder if windows installer is installing the driver from the FDD on the first HDD then the xp disk driver on the second HDD hence the two drive showing up as separate SiI volumes on the 'select partition' bit of the install.... Im completely ignorant on the intricacies of installing xp how would I replace the SiI drivers on the xp disk and burn it again? Also does XP actually load a driver for each HDD in a raid array? I would have thought it would just be for the sil chipset rather than the physical drives but Im not a techie... Im about to give up on the whole raid thing and just mount one disk inside another in XP if I cant find any answers here. I wonder how much performance I would lose. Not much probably but Ive got the technology I dXXn well want to use it :mad: Main thing I will be using the disks for is recording live TV from an analogue source, will be converting to digital next year, possiblay HD so will NEED fast write speeds then so as not to lose frames.... Anyway thanks for your input so far guys, keep em coming! Cheers, Matt
  4. Hi guys this is my first post and am not an OCer or that technically savvy so please bear with me... I have just built a new HTPC system (see sig) but am having real problems getting XP install to see my two drives as a single raid drive... When xp setup gets to the 'select partition' bit it always shows two separate 250g drives. If I try to create a partition on one and install it loads files atc then after reboot windows setup starts from scratch again (no press any key to boot from CD then onwards with the install on no keypress). I have tried this with a couple of different versions of XP they all do the same thing EXCEPT for a version of MCE 05 that I have borrowed... This sees a single 500G drive on the select partition bit and all goes as it should. The only problem is its my brothers CD and I dont want to activate it, and would rather be running my own version of XP pro anyway as Im using mediaportal rather than MCE software for HTPC front end. I am using the latest Sil drivers and as it works on the MCE disk I guess I have all the bios settings for Sata raid set up right as well.. Could this be a bios issue? Or is there a way I can use nLite to pull the bits off the MCE disk that make it work and use them on my XP pro version? If so, what files would I need to copy/replace if any? I get the same problem whether I use the floppy (latest) sil drivers or the ones on the XP CD. Have tried looking through the forums but cant find a solution sorry if I missed it... Cheers, Matt
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