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  1. this was to test my RAM not for overall OCing.
  2. Ok, just curious what i have to do in the PLL Setup to get ClockGen to work on my MoBo.
  3. quad pumped. What's the cpu you're looking to get?
  4. uh... check to make sure they're all in the slots completely?
  5. What's the Max FSB you've achieved, stable, on your CFX3200? I'm testing 325 right now, and it seems to be running flawlessly
  6. I would say that as long as your Fans aren't like Deltas that pull 11W of power each, you should be ok, but i haven't heard many amazing things about Ultras, so for future endevers..... do a little more research on PSU's
  7. Same problem here.... I only run 40C at Vcore of 1.6, but my "Core" temp reads high 50's and even into the 60's..... i don't think that's right! Any help from someone would be appreciated.
  8. PM sent asking for some info..... i'm curious what you're doing differently that i'm not Like i said earlier though, Great Job!!! I can't even do 270X10...let alone 275X11.
  9. WHY am i so unlucky? I have to run 1.6Vcore to even hold 2.6GHZ stable!!!!! lol, Good job though, where'd you get that chip? And is it the 110W or the 89W version?
  10. Is there a free version? Or do i have to spend $30 on it?
  11. PM'd LOL, i'm oblivious to the world... didn't see the huge in all caps SOLDSOLDSOLD!!!
  12. so..... i was just wondering if someone could help me get the temps for my board. I've been using Speed fan, but it doesn't tell me which temp is which. Can someone tell me what the following temps are on this board or point me in the direction of a better program to monitor temps. List of speedfan temps in order: Temp 1 Temp 2 Temp 3 HD0 Temp 1 Core thanks, i appreciate it
  13. How do you increase the PCI frequencies on this board? I've heard that a lot of people get much better stability on their boards by increasing the PCIe frequency to like 105 or so, but i haven't found a place to do this. Thanks:D
  14. i'm having this problem also....it'd be nice if someone could help a brother out.... I'm going to try changing slots and my cpu....
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