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  1. Hi There, I have just built my second system with a x2 4800+ and 2 x 1GB Corsair XMS4000 (ddr500) ram I decided on a Dfi-Lanparty Ultra-D (modded now to sli) I heard great things about the Overclocking ability of these boards but I can't get my rig to boot into windows beyond 230Mhz. I have the cpu at 1.5, the chipset at 1.6 and the memory at 2.9 htt turned down to 4 or below. I didn't get a manual with this board (second hand) can anyone give me a few pointers to where I could be going wrong? Or is there a custom BIOS for this memory that could save me a few headache's. Cheers Cheers to WHERE IS YOUR SIGNATURE? You agreed twice before even posting that you would READ and the ABIDE by the RULES of the forum...
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