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  1. thanks for the answers. there is at least one bios for the sli infinity that has the 150 divider, 2006/03/01. i use it to oc my cpu to 2400 (266 x 9) with my ram working at 200 mhz (150 divider). i tested my ram sticks individually. one of them can do 2.5 4 4 8 1t 2.9v only in slot 1 and the other can do 2.5 4 4 8 1t 2.9v in slot 1 and 2. when i put them in dual channel in slot 1 and 2 the system is not stable. what should i do to make them work in dual channel at the same settings? increasing the cpu or chipset voltage can help me out? i'm using 1.5 v for my cpu (266 x 9) but the standard 1.5 v for the chipset. i don't want to switch to 2t. at least for now ... i know that there is no such thing as a best bios for oc but what bios (maybe an older one) should i try first for better oc results with my tccx?
  2. hi. i have a sli infinity and i wanna replace my mobo's chipset cooler. i preffer an active cooling solution. any sugestions? thanks.
  3. is there a bios for dfi sli infinity that has the 150 mhz memory divider?
  4. hi. this is my first thread. my system is the one shown in my signature. i'm having serious problems trying to overclock it since i've replaced my 2 x 512 mb adata vitesta 4000 (tccd + brainpower) with 2 x 512 mb corsait 3200 c2 (tccd or tcc5). i can only get it working at 200 mhz with 3 3 3 8 at 2.7 v and 1t. i've tried 200 mhz with 2 2 2 6/7/8 or 2 3 3 6/7/8 and 250 with 2.5 3 3 6/7/8 or 2.5 4 4 6/7/8 at 2.6, 2.7 or 2.8 v and 1t. after less then an hour of memtest errors show up. with the vitesta (which i've sold) in my system i managed to obtain 200 mhz with 2 2 2 6 at 2.8 v and 1t or 266 mhz with 2.5 3 3 6 at 2.8 v and 1t. i've never test my system over 266 mhz. a friend of mine tested my corsair kit (which is revision 4.2, by the way) last weekend and he managed to squeeze 290 mhz out of them with 2.5 4 3 7 at 2.7 v and 1t on a lanparty nf4 ultra with a venice e3 3200. what to do? if someone has any ideeas or sugestions please talk to me. i really want to play fear ep in the weekend. i hope i'll have a stable system untill then. thanks.