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  1. blech Im gonna Beat your Score ! hahaha ok here's some updates. I didnt DO any Prime or memtest. But i have been fraging games 12 hours straight !. Im running 2.162 Gig rite now Voltage 1.5V Multiplier 9.0X Bus Speed/HTT 240mhz Memory 2.4-4-3-8-12 (1T) got it from CPU-Z <--- duno what it is lol I did Try to Boot HTT at 250mhz... no luck Heres what i got from the PC-Wizard2k6 Processor Fan 4218rpm Processor Temp 41-43 C Is this good overclocking ? Im pumping out extra 300mhz. Can i get more ? like 2.66 ? lol
  2. Thats what im thinking about rite now. Theres a reason i get opteron :tooth:
  3. It seems like The CPU is the problem here the 3dmark05 score is around 87XX K. And i dont think thats a good result too. Is my kingston value ram good for OC-ing ?
  4. :angel: Damm that was a long holiday vacationo from moderator.. No no on the Signature. Sorry Admin !:eek: Phoetus. Darn they are fast Seeker arent they ? hehehe Ok heres The CPU number that i got. U guys called it steping. CAB2E 0602GPAW.
  5. change the radeon driver ? downloading warcat ati driver.. Anything to do again ? processor ? 1.8 is it suficient ?
  6. Heres my stuff that i got PSU- Antec 550 TRUE power BIG typhoon CPU COOLER. Lanparty NF4 I get from CPUID Opteron 144 (venus) multiplier x9.0 HT LINK 1009.3 Memory (kingston pc3200) 1024MB (512X2) freq 201.9 Cas 3.0 Ras to cas 3 Ras percharge 3 cycletime 8 bank cycle 7 command rate 1t dram idle time 256 GFX x1950XTX RADEOn and my 3dmark06 is like 4890 jeez man pple with 7900gt can go 7 to 8k ! btw i didnt over clock... any goot setting to start up ?
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