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  1. I'm running DFI LanParty Nf4 SLI, with OCZ Tony's nF4 704-2bta BIOS. I have 2 sets of 2x1024 Corsair pro memory. Each set works fine when in the first bank - the BIOS sees all 2GB, and MemTest86 tests all 2GB. I can even mix and match the so-called "matched sets". But when I put in all 4 chips, the BIOS (and MemTest86) only see a little over 3GB. What do I need to do to get to 4GB? thanks doyal
  2. The problem is that the BIOS doesn't see it all and MemTest86 doesn't test the full 4G range when all the DIMMs are installed. I run XP Pro 64, and have upgraded to Vista-64 so I thought I would finally see 4GB even in windows. Maybe it's the experimental BIOS. Maybe I should reflash my BIOS? thanks,
  3. In my LanParty Nf4 SLI, i was running 2048LLPRO Corsair DDR433 PC3500. I finally got another set off ebay. Each set runs fine alone. MemTest86 tests all 2048 MB. But when I put both sets in, so all 4 slots are filled, the BIOS (and MemTest86) only go up to 3.1 GB instead of 4GB. What do I have to do to enable 4GB? thanks,
  4. Well i'm new to the forum, and don't know H_G but his assertions are extreme, and not written in a way to make me take it seriously. It's not going to kill the motherboard, nor the memory, nor the cpu. If worse comes to worst I can clear cmos and start over.
  5. Over on the nVidia quad-sli forum one guy got his problems with lockups on game startup by running nTune. http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=20146 Can I get any feedback from you guys on nTune? Anybody used it? It's supposed to tweak bios timings automatically and/or interactively without going into the bios. I don't know if it saves them or not. If I reboot and try to save current settings into a CMOS reload slot will they be the ones that nTune came up with? thx
  6. I didn't know there were two actual enet controller chips on the mobo. I thought it was some kind of dual-channel controller. thanks for the tip
  7. This is the 3rd weekend I've had to put together my system, and a couple of days ago I downloaded TMod's iso boot image and put it on a CD. I cleared CMOS as per the directions on that CD, and then flashed the top choice - OCA Tony's nF4 704-2bta It's working great, and I am hoping from others comments that this will be the best choice for me to start experimenting with OC settings.
  8. Thanks for the clarifications. I think I read that before in one of the sticky's but now it's clear. I've reset them all to optimized defaults. Then I fixed up the settings for raid and usb, and saved in CMOS reloaded as my baseline 200FSB. Soon I may be ready to start pushing the voltages and clocks. I think my nvidia drivers are all stable. I'm still hoping somebody can enlighten me about the nF4 firmware - does it need to get flashed or updated? I've got a separate thread below about it.
  9. I noticed this too in todays threads. But now that RGone has weighed in, i'm moving from the yellow to the orange.
  10. When I boot, i get the new hardware found wizard. I just loaded 6.86 nvidia chipset drivers this morning. I go into device manager and uninstall it, but it pops back after every reboot. I tried to update its driver by pointing to the ethernet folder where 6.86 expanded its ethernet files, but it wasn't a recognized device. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with hw support for nVidia firewall? Is there such a thing? I think i skipped installing the firewall this time.
  11. I thought for sure that my named setting groups in CMOS Reloaded would get wiped, but they didn't. I tried to clear CMOS by 1) unplugging power, 2) removing battery, 3) moving the CMOS clear jumper to 2-3 for 10 minutes, 4) restoring the jumper, 5) replacing the battery, and finally 6) plugging in and powering back up. Then I reread TMOD's instructions and noticed I had forgotten to press the start button to bleed of capacitive charges. I never had to do that in the old days, things just leaked out pretty quickly. happy trails
  12. I am downloading now the nVidia 6.86 chipset drivers for XP. But do I need to update the chipset firmware somehow? thanks, z
  13. Hey everybody I made a boot cd from TMOD's iso image and I tried to follow instructions. First clearing CMOS, then flashing, then going back into BIOS and setting things up. I flashed OCZ Tony's nF4 704-2bta. However, when I boot up, it looks like my bios version went backwards in time. I used to see 11/14/2005 NF CK804 in the bottom of the boot screen, but after flashing it shows 07/06/2005-NF-CK804 Did I make a mistake?
  14. I'm about to load the new 92.91 nvidia drivers. Anybody tried them ?
  15. The Thermaltake Toughpower "user manual" is a hoot and a half. It's 2"x3" like a little pamphlet, and is hilariously translated from the original Chinese (i presume). What I gather from it is that each of the separate power cords that connect the PSU with some target connector on the motherboard, drive, or PC board, has it's own independent 12v rail. So i'll try the experiment that Calvin suggests tonight and see what happens. I will probably get a new PSU that is rated for quad-sli. They have 4 PCIE power connectors. I will rework those 4 into 2, so that each 7950 has its own double supply line. zylbar
  16. Thanks Integrale. I found where the splash screen can be disabled and now I finally can see the bootup sequence. The Award bios is V6.00 PG The Nvidia chipset is 4.052.0805/20/05 and i don't know what this one refers to: 11/14/2005 NF CK804 So they are definitely out-of-date. We'll see if flashing the BIOS and firmware will help prevent freezing when a game takes over the video from windows XP. I'm going to try this before buying a new PSU. But Integrale - I have one question for you. Since the Thermaltake Toughpower series has separate power delivery circuits for the motherboard, the peripherals, and the PCIE 6-pin SLI connectors - it might be possible for the motherboard to keep running but for the video boards to run low on power. thanks for the ideas and tips, zylbar
  17. Thanks Wevs for the reply. I disable the quick boot feature, but still all I see for the most part is a big LanParty splash screen. I can't find anywhere to turn it off in the bios. I'm guessing that the bios version is displayed then. There is also a second or two when the screen blanks as the video is reset. Then when it comes back there is stuff scrolling off the screen, and all I see is the bios telling me the SiL SATA RAID bios version and the nVidia RAID bios version. That's what the 4.84 was about. Not the chipset firmware per se. I'll check out the utilities you mentioned. all the best, Zylbar ~~~ I may be schizophrenic ~~~ but at least I have each other
  18. Thanks - i think I am going to have to get a bigger psu just to test. To answer your questions, my 7950's run at about 75 to 77 degrees C after running a game for an hour or two, according to Nvidia Ctrl Panel. I think that's well within spec. I used to cool my 6800 video board with liquid cooling. My system has a 750 watt koolance system that might handle the cpu and the 7950's. I haven't yet heard any good words about liquid cooling the 7950's, so I'm waiting on that project. Besides no use starting overclocking experiments until it's stable at standard speeds. My chipset bios for the nF4 is 4.84. I can't figure out where the AWARD bios version is displayed (doh!). I went through every screen in the bios. I tried to watch carefully and note everything that came to the screen after the LanParty splash page, but still I can't figure. The board was shipped to me 2 weeks ago, so it probably has the latest. On DFI, it appears that the bios dated 2006/04/06 and named NF4LD406.ZIP is the latest. I may use winflash to load it just in case mine is older. Too bad I will lose all my CMOS reloaded setups. Thanks again Sorrento, and if the bigger power supply makes a difference, I'll let you guys know. a thousand thanks, zylbar ~~~ may all your goats be free of fleas ~~~ and may your camels never spit
  19. I'm using the nF4 now for RAID-0, but I don't know if I should put it on the Sil 3114. I've got 2 year old SATA drives (WD caviars, around 250g), so I don't think they can benefit from the higher bandwidth of the nF4. Is there a downside to using the nF4 for RAID control in a quad-sli rig? thanks a zillion, Zylbar
  20. Hi, Just built my LanParty nF4 SLI-DR last weekend - it's quad SLI with xFx 7950's. I run an AMD dual core 4800 and 2gb of corsair memory. It's basically working - but when I tried some favorite games - Far Cry, Ghost Recon Adv. Warfare, Oblivion, MS Combat Flight Sim, Civ 4 - they only start after about 5 or 10 tries. Usually as soon as the game tries to take over the video, the system freezes or reboots. I'm running the 91.47 nvidia drivers. Any idieas? I've got 700 watts of power, 40 amps 12v, with seperate lines for each 7950 PCI-express power connector, which are specially marked on the PSU in red. thanks in advance, the artist formerly known as Zylbar
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