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  1. oh my god I forgot about that... Now it all makes sense!! My asus board gives me a VGA error though. I wonder if I test it now it will work.
  2. ok well I got it fixed. The CPU was dead as mentioned by an earlier poster. I was mega confused because of the BIOS beep code. It kept giving me the DRAM error so I assumed the whole time my CPU was fine.. Well thanks everyone for your help. Hope to enjoy this board.
  3. Are you able to sneak into the bios without ram if you use this procedure? I tried a CMOS clear and I get the same problem.
  4. ok i'm gonna have to conclude that the board is dead. I don't see any other reason why. Ram, card, PSU works fine on other system.. the CPU i'm not sure. Oh well refund HERE I GO!!
  5. Hmm the PSU works fine on my Socket A mobo when I convert the 24 pin connector to 20 pin. I guess going to a PC shop is my only option.. I guess these people charge a lot for this service too sigh..
  6. I don't know. One thing I did try was taking out the CPU to see what kind of error I get. When I did that the board would not beep at all. So I assume the CPU is working but I am not 100% sure since I haven't tested it.
  7. I've bought the N64 for Super Mario 64 LOL. Was it worth it? Sure.
  8. I have 2x G.skill memory (pc3200). I think this was a recommended ram by this forum. I should have it in my sig I don't know why my sig isn't showing.. I guess it's just the forum server delay or something. Oh and to answer your question... I already tried sticking 1 piece of ram in each slot. I still get the repeating beeps no matter what. EDIT: OK there goes the signature.
  9. Ok, straight to the problem. I can't post at all on the Lanparty nf4 Ultra-D and the ASUS A8N-SLI Boards. I get 3 Leds on the debug and repeating long beeps with 3 seconds in between. Now I know people are guessing it's a ram problem but the ram runs rock stable on my other motherboard. My PSU and ram are on the recommended stickies. I also tested my PSU on my other system. I tried placing 1 stick of ram in each DIMM slot, replacing the battery, and tried different brand sticks of ram. Nothing seems to work.. I had this exact issue on the ASUS board and is why I switched to this one. I RMA'd the ASUS board a long time ago and that didn't solve anything. I've been trying to get this new system up for months and each passing day I see the prices on my parts dropping like mad and it's driving me crazy!! I don't want to resort to the "D" word... AKA Dell. EDIT: Sig here _______ DFI LanpartyUT nF4 Ultra-D (Bios unknown) AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Newcastle 2x G.Skill 1GB PC3200 (Model #F1-3299PHU2-2GBNS) EVGA Nvidia Geforce 6800 256MB PCI-E SoundBlaster Audigy 2ZS Platinum Antec TRUEPOWER EPS12V/ ATX 12 Ver. 2.0 550W
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