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  1. Where's OCZ GXS 600W for about $85? I can only find them $100 AR.
  2. Need recommendation on a new PSU. Sunbeamtech NUUO 550W Thanks.
  3. Ok, so I sent the mobo back to for RMA. I am definitely upgrading the PSU now this happened. While I am waiting for it, what do you guys think of this PSU? Sunbeamtech NUUO 550W
  4. Umm... The reason I got the PSU was there were so many positive reviews on this model. I guess DFI isn't compatible with Ultra, I didn't know about it since I had this PSU for a while and just switched to DFI board. So would replacing the bios chip or reflash it make the mobo working again(And with a recommended PSU)? Thanks for all the input so far.
  5. Ok already started that process, any other advice while I wait for 24 hours period? What could have caused that issue? I did not add any new device to my PC recently.
  6. Yesterday just turned on my PC and the system won't post, diagnostic leds show 4 lights on. I tried doing CMOS clear for 10-15sec, 15 min and 8 hours just now, the system still won't post. I had this happened before and I was able to fix it by clear cmos for 15 min. I am now using a spare Abit mobo and have moved all the components on it and everything works fine. I read in the forum it's possibly bios corruption. I am wondering what to do in this case, I don't even know how it happened, it just stopped posting all of a sudden. Any advise would be helpful, thanks. Before it stopped posting my system was OCed AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 @ 2.9GHz (223 x 13) 2 x 1GB Patriot PC-3200 RAM @ 223MHz(1:1)
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