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  1. All, thanks for your help. I don't blame the board, it's just too advanced for me. Ouch. Anyway. Erico, it's Windows media center, I'm trying to install. I don't have any other OS disks. I also tried installing with an IDE drive and it didn't work. Probably something in the bios that I don't have right. Thanks to all.
  2. Got new hard drive. Nothing new to report. Board still locks up during XP install. Got RMA from Newegg. Not exchangning, refund. Sucks.
  3. Even though the HD is new and the bios recognizes it?
  4. I put the settings back to the default and it still didn't work. According to the microsoft site, "An incorrect mass-storage device (such as a SCSI or IDE controller) driver is being loaded, or the driver was not written for Windows and is not compatible. Contact the device's manufacturer or download the latest driver for the mass-storage device. For additional information, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: 216406 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/216406/EN-US/) Specifying Third-Party Disk Controller Driver During Setup " Any idea how I get the right driver to load? I used the floppy that came with the motherboard, but it doesn't work.
  5. OK. I've upgraded my ram and my power supply to "approved" devices. I still get the same thing. I'm installing windows and it locks up when it says "Setup is Starting Windows" What do I do now?
  6. Thanks to all. I'm going to upgrade my ram as suggested. Now, for the million dollar question: Wht should I upgrade to? I see alot of people with OCZ RAM. Please suggest a good stick.
  7. erico, thanks I'll check out those sites, the part numbers are all the same VS512MB400C3. Praz, thanks, I'll run the test that way.
  8. Ok, but I only ran it with one stick (512 mb) of ram. Is the procedure the same? Thanks.
  9. I ran memtest until it went back to test #1. I believe the timing is set to 2T, per the post on this site. I'll try it with two sticks. The board came with the 4/06 bios. The windows install says to press F6 to load sata and raid drivers. It never boots to windows. Thanks.
  10. Ebdoradz, I ran the memtest and it passed fine. This is also a new HD, I'm not sure why but the board wouldn't recognize the old HD.
  11. THis is my second computer build, my first was a pentium III. That should tell you how long it has been. Every time I try to load windows XP Media Center it freezes at the blue screen that says Setup is Starting Windows. I'm using an SATA drive and I'm loading the drivers that came with the motherboard. I followed all of the steps on the awesome post i found here and set up the bios according to it. I'm also using only the basics of my setup, one RAM stick, one video card, HD and CD/DVD rom, but it still doesn't work. A little history, I didn't start out with a DFI board, but an ASUS and I was able to load windows using that board no issues. But I then proceeded to scrape out one of the wires, don't ask how it's embarrasing. I decided to replace it with the DFI. Any suggestions?
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