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  1. Thanks for your input! I appreciate your response because I think a review should have multiple user inputs to be complete. I have not had any of the problems you are talking about as far as the remote being trash. But yes the blue box is fairly annoying, which I forgot to mention in the review. So thank you again. I haven't had any problems with the DVI either however, a monitor is a massive electrical circuit, and I imagine time will tell. Thank you! As far as price, it goes for about $600-$630 and here is a link to some pics of it http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824002320 . Sadly I have no camera so I can't take any pictures of it myself.
  2. This is a review of the NEC 20WMGX2 monitor that I picked up while I moved into my new apertment last month. I have divided the review into different sections because this monitor has so much to offer, then given it a total score at the bottom. 1. Everyday Use (documents, internet, etc.) 4.0/5.0 This monitor is excellent for everyday school and business use, or just internet usage. Because it is a 20.1" widescreen you can have many different files open side by side. However the native resolution of this monitor is pretty high and for people who already have a hard time reading the text on their 17" or 19" monitor this may be a possible downfall. The resolution can be lowered to that of a 19" widescreen but their is a noticable difference in blurring since it was not meant to be used at this resolution. This monitor was not meant to be used solely for this purpose. But because it is an everyday part of our lives to use it for this I have deducted from the score accordingly. 2. Gaming 4.5/5.0 Gaming is where this monitor really shines. When hooked up through a DVI cable, which is included, the picture is incredibly crystal clear. The image is sharp and perfectly defined. I have played a few different types of games on it so far and I am nothing but amazed. The refresh rate of 6ms is great and I have noticed no trails on any fast moving objects in any games. There is some stretching in some games that weren't made for widescreen monitors I haven't noticed any kind of decrease in image quality. For example Doom 3 looks great and after less than a minute of playing you forget that it is being stretched and lose yourself in the game. If you know much about programming it is possible to actually change the game to run at the correct resolution, but the average person will not be able to take advantage of this. The glossy screen, which has been debated whether it is usefull or an annoyance, gives the screen a depth that is impossible to achieve with almost all other modern day TVs and monitors. Yes, it can cause some horrible glare, BUT only if you have it positioned right in front of a light source. In most cases room lights are not a problem, but if you have a window behind you this monitor will not be pleasant to use during the day. Since the glare can easily be done away with but the stretching will be a problem for some I have deducted points for that. 3. Watching TV and Movies 5.0/5.0 Out of the many built in features the coaxial connection and 1080i compatibility are two of the main reason I bought this monitor. It lets you watch HDTV on your monitor through a coaxial connection. This saved me much space since I'm in college and living in an apartment. Because of the high resolution of this monitor I would strongly recommend HD cable. If you have standard definition cable the image will be blurry, but this is not the fault of the monitor in any way. The screen size can also be changed so you can watch TV in 4:3 or 16:9. There are also features to zoom in. There are also many DV modes on the monitor that can be used specifically for gaming, movies, dark rooms, or even photographs. Plus you can customize one yourself. 4. Built in features (Menus, speakers, connections) 5.0/5.0 This monitor comes with a plethora of features that I haven't even used yet. There are A/V inputs, S-video inputs, Component video inputs, DVI, VGA, and built in speakers. I have hooked up everything from my old SNES to my XBOX with component cables and the image looks just the same as on a TV, and in some cases better. The monitor speakers are just that, monitor speakers. I'm not going to compare them to a real set of surround sound speakers because they are not related. Given the little room to work with on flat panel monitor the speakers are actually pretty good. In fact they are alot better then other brands with onboard speakers like HP, LG etc. The remote control is also nice. It hase the same controls you would find on most modern day TVs and a few extra. This monitor also has picture in picture (PIP) which is great so I can follow my Dallas Mavericks in the corner of the screen while playing Civilization at the same time. 5. Overall 4.625/5.000 Aparently, when NEC produced this monitor they really did have everybody in mind. All kinds of users will find something they like about this monitor. And for us gamers their really isn't any other choice in my opinion. The television is great and the built in speakers allow me to listen to my television, while i'm listening to my games or music on my computer's surround sound system. If there is anything else you would like my to review or comment about send me an e-mail or a PM. Happy Gaming :cool:
  3. So I ordered the new iCEBERQ 6 to use on my EVGA 7900GT KO. Since I have never installed a video card cooler before I decided to try it out on my old Radeon 9600. I removed the stock cooler easy enough and cleaned the surface with artctic cleaner many times and doing to whole procedure to prep the card. Everything seems to have gone just fine but I have one question before I test it out. Is the cooler supposed to be somewhat loose? I tightened it as much as i feel safe tightening it, and it feels solid to me. But the cooler slides around within the mounting holes. I double checked and followed the directions to a T. Is this normal or should I tighten it more?
  4. Thanks, I know how to overclock an NF2. And I also no what the timings are for my memory. I'm not a completenoob lol. It's just all the secondary timings for memory that I'm still learning about, which is why I don't want to mess with memory just yet. Thanks
  5. I see, I have skimmed through that quite a few times before. Having read most of it in full now, I am understanding how to begin to overclock these nf4 boards. Although I must say, as far as RAM settings go, I was much MUCH happier with my NFII Ultra B. So my CPU runs at 2600mhz with a 200 mhz "FSB" (I'm going to keep calling it FSB so I don't confuse myself. I want to keep my memory running at stock speeds without making any changes because all the timings on the nf4 expert still confuse the heck outa me. So let's theoretically say my CPU can run at 2800mhz completely stable. I have only one way to increase my CPU speed while keeping my memory speed at 400mhz.this would be flat out increasing the multi to 14 keeping the memory speeds the exact same. If I did want to change the memory timings and such and ended up getting DDR 500 modules in the future. and wanted to run them at 1T I would be able to increase the FSB to 250 (assuming it will go that high) while lowering the multi to 11(which ends up running at 2750mhz CPU speed) thus giving me more overclocking capabilities for my CPU in the furure. Is this correct?
  6. So I have read a review on newegg stating that the fx-55 can be easily overclocked by increasing the fsb cpu ratio to 14 instead of the 13 it starts at. Nothing else on my machine is overclocked at all and I'm not worried about temps because my cpu temp rarely gets over 34C on load. My chipset is always warm but the fan will be replace with the VC-RE soon. Is it really this simple to overclock the fx-55? More importantly is increasing the ratio safe? Many thanks
  7. Well, I just got the window replaced. Was able to find somebody who had one in stock. Took them only an hour to install the thing, and they even vacuumed the broken glass i couldn't reach under my seat. And it was only $175ish. That's a pretty good deal, but it still puts a quick halt on me getting my 2x1024 corsair xms pros at 3200 2-3-3-6.
  8. Yeah, all I have is liability because insurance is crazy expensive for a 20 year old male in Dallas, Texas. And I've never been in a wreck. My step sister has been in like 3 wrecks and she still doesn't pay as much as me. This is rediculous.
  9. So I was pretty excited today. I finished all my exams, and next semester I am transfering to UARK so I was just gonna enjoy this time off of school. Well today I went to work and it was actually a pretty good day. 5 minutes before closing time the manager Jeff comes over and asks me what kind of car I have. I told him it was a red acura Integra with a carbon hood. He told me to follow him. I followed him to the back door. Lo and behold! My car had been broken into! There was glass from my passenger window all over the inside of the car. Luckily the guy in the install bay heard and chased him away before he had a chance to steal anything. Most likely he was going for the gift I had bought my parents a couple hours earlier while I was on break. Through the window you could see a TV on the box so he must have thought it was a new TV. It was actually just a TV stand. Either way a broken window is around $250 to replace I believe. There goes any holiday plans for me...
  10. Well I try, after all I do have to sell computers to many people who know nothing about them while trying to get them what they need to be safe like anti-vi anti-spy and such. But every now and then you just get customers coming in to rip you off. I'm all for getting a good deal and everything, but people should know that Best Buy isn't a marketplace where you can haggle the prices. Those people unnerve me so much i just want to explode. But I end up pushing all my anger and everything down inside me, which works come I'm depressed! No just kidding. Now that this thread is almost completely off topic I think it's time to delete it perhaps.
  11. Look man, as my last testament of goodwill in proving that I am in fact a nice guy how 'bout I make up for the $25 difference by getting you a game or controller or something and shipping it to you for free. If you are still angry with me after this then well... I don't know what to do. EDIT: In fact if you respond within the next hour I can get it at work tonight and ship it out tomorrow :Edit
  12. Look I know that I am coming off as a corporate a$$ hole but I'm really not. Just when I see people saying that everybody who works at Best Buy is a moron, idiot, whatever that offends me because I work there. And saying everyone that works the is stupid is a massive stretching of the truth. Customer service reps, they are a little iffy, and yes morons in many cases. They and the merchandising crew have no knowledge of the product let alone enter numbers into a machine correctly, let alone count the numbers without having to count with their fingers in the first place. As for the case I was simply trying to offer alternatives, and yes I came of like a dick again there too. I agree you shouldn't have to pay extra to get it shipped by the date that was given to you and something should have been done about that on BB's part. That's where the customer service reps should have done a better job. I know that Best Buy will admit when they have made a mistake and apologize for it. On a side note, when something is listed as online only on the website that means that very rarely can it be found in stores. Although it is supposed to mean what it says, I have discovered my store often has much of that in store. It depends what kind of area you are located in. For example Dallas Texas stores will have almost everything in even if it says otherwise. Anyway, I apologize for this quarrel, I just take it personally when somebody downtalks what I do. Even though it is just putting me through school, I take pride in the work I do like all people should.
  13. The case is available in stores, I see it in mine every time I work. They were going through with the transaction until you became impatient. And if by my attitude toward the customer you mean trying to find a solution and get them what they want? What happens suck, and I'm defending my job because it's not the way people like you portray it to be.If anything the only thing you proved in this thread is your uncanny ability to act like a child.
  14. I'm honestly not 100% sure, but I've read in a few posts that the monitor might actually be the issue. I noticed you have the Dell 2007. I believe it was stated that if the monitor is listed as a plug and play device it will not get up to higher resolutions. You might wanna check on that. Could have possibly changed the monitor settings when you installed the video card drivers. I don't know why but a similar problem happened to me. When I installed the drivers for my mx518 it reverted my soundblaster drivers and changed the main audio device to the onboard audio. Just wierd what some of these drivers do...
  15. No I understand completely, and sorry that I came off like such an butthole. I'm just extremely tired and agitated from no sleep and mass exam cramming. The thing is that case is a really good deal. And whenever you order online it is shipped from the warehouse not an actual store. Most likely many people ordered it online and the system didn't have time to catch up(using pretty old IBMs). Anyway I know that sucks, but there are alternatives. You can transfer from the online order to the instore pickup option. Or you can cancel the order and just flat out go to the store and buy it. Either way you will have to email or talk to a customer service rep, but it would get you the case.
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