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  1. i have the exact same prob with my ipod, and im running a expert board, so the prob must run through a few of their boards
  2. i just finished running memtest for 10 hrs no problems there. i checked the case temp after running memtest and it is 53C. everything in my comp os stock speeds, but i will change my sig too.
  3. ive prime 95+ tested it for 11hrs no errors. havent had a chance to test on memtest yet, but i think i will tonight. the temps are the only thing that i can really think of that would bomb me back to the desktop under the load of a game. but sometimes i can play the game for 2-3 hrs and i will run gr8. it prob only happens once every 6-7 times that i play.
  4. hey guys. i was just wondering if my comp is running hot or not? the CPU is 37C, the PWMIC is 48C and the CHIPSET is running about 54C, this is all at minimal load. also, i recently noticed while i play BF2142, sometimes the game will just exit back to the desktop (no error report). can anyone think of a reason for this. my comp is not overclocked at all.
  5. personally, i would just measure them either off an old case, or off the actual parts. save you alot of messing around.
  6. hi, i have been having problems with the ram i currently have installed, and i ran memtest and it was ok, but when i run Prime95, it has a fatal error after about 5 mins. This is the text: FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4 Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file. Torture Test ran 9 minutes - 1 errors, 0 warnings Execution halted. Can anyone please help me understand this wand what i need to do!
  7. do you think that the PSU i am using is sufficient for the job? what if i upgrade to another 7900GT? would it still b enough? can anyone recommend if there is anything about my computer that i could/should bother upgrading?
  8. ops my bad. i just realised that those settings are for my new ram.
  9. im using legend ram. will those same settings work if i have 2x1Gb legend sticks of ram installed?
  10. will the ram that i bought (the OCZ ram i described earlier) work? its PC4000, but in the DFI manual, it says that it only supports up to PC3200. is that going to b a problem? i notice that in your sig, u almost have the same ram as the one i bought. the lats for my new set are 3-3-3-8.
  11. i have gotten sick of mucking around with an expensive comp that has taken my ages to get together. Ive tried everything and have racked everyones brains that i could. in the end, the only thing i can put it down to is dodgy ram. So i went to the sticky on this website that recommends ram, and i bought 2x1Gb sticks of OCZ DDR PC-4000 2GB Dual Channel Platinum XTC RAM (3-3-3-8). hopefully this will solve my problems (the way i figure it, i need to build another comp for my sister when i get the chance, so atleast i have extra ram to play with (if the old ones are ok that is). ps. while i was buying that, i felt rich so i bought a sound blaster X-Fi Platinum Sound card. Once it has been delivered, i will test it all out and will get back to you with the results.
  12. all my games are patched up to date. maybe ill try to replace my ram. i have smart guardian running, and the CPU runs about 34C and the CHIPSET runs at about 48C. maybe ill also graph my temps while i play a games so that i can see how the temp change. i tried swapping my PSU over to a different one, but the same things happened, so its not the PSU.
  13. could it maybe b that im running 91.47? When i go to the driver download page on the Nvidia website, i choose graphic drivers -> then should i choose 'Geforce and TNT2' or 'GeForce Go 7 Series' (im running a 7900GT 512Mb)? thanks.
  14. firstly, its a silverstone 560W continueous PSU. My forceware version is 91.47. i have already tested Memtest, i will try Prime95. And i havent even attempted overclocking yet.
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