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  1. im in a similar boat tried everything and still getting bsods on install ect. memtest reports no erros yet windows install bsods everytime?
  2. well ive just tried some different ram and its still blue screening soon as i get to the 2nd stage of the install ive tried 2 different cd drives and 3 different os cds. i really dont know what to do please help.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply i will give it a try. Still not installing just getting random errors every time i try and install windows, not had this problem before
  4. Hi, Well i got this venus the other day and cleared the cmos before turning on the pc for the 1st time (previous owner had a dual core cpu on the mobo), so i turned it on and everything loaded got to windows and BSOD straight away which i was sort of expecting anyway seeing as it was a new mobo. I then tried to install windows several times trying different genie settings but everytime it would crash at various parts of the install. Ive looked at the OCDB and the install guides ect trying the configs shown but it still crashes, ive also tried installing on bare minimum ram in different slots, taken all pci cards out and checked connections i just dunno what to do next. Any Help would be much appreciated. Thanks P.S I have also run Memtest for 10 hours with no errors.
  5. I ended up getting a DFI LANPARTY UT NF4 SLI-DR Venus from ebay, i take it this mobo should still work with the psu/ram ect?
  6. ah thanks for the info i shall order one straight away. cheers.
  7. Hi im thinking about buying a new mobo becuase my asus a8n-sli premium died and was wondering if i would have any problems with ram/psu issues. Thanks in advance.
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