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  2. Depends what you play really. I used to get 80+ fps (with all the goodies turn on and high) in TF2 on my OCed E6300 with my 8800GTS. But when my mobo died and threw my 8800GTS into my S939 with a 4600+ X2, my fps dropped kind of drastically (down to 30s from 80s) and I can't used AA/AF anymore. Also dropped texture filtering in driver software from Quality to High Performance and the game still gets a bit bouncy with the fps. But to counter my own argument, Bioshock runs the same on both setups with the same video card
  3. How is the cpu utilization on the Philips burners? Lite-On's is terrible and I've been looking at Asus' since I read a review showing their utilization at around 20% at full speed while Lite-On's was over 60%.
  4. Try running DFT to test your hdd. If it's not that, you might have to consider it's your motherboard that's giving out.
  5. Ah! I think I will wait then. Definitely good to know esp. since I don't see myself getting one of the current Yorkfields. Being open to the next gen of Intel's cpus is good Thanks Praz.
  6. I thought the 3870 was better than the 2900. Faster, smaller die, less power, etc. Supposedly a decent OCer too!
  7. Temporarily Sold Out. I heard the DFI 680i is pretty nice!
  8. I've been browsing for another brand of nforce board since my Asus crapped out on me. I'm in the RMA process, which only took me a week just to get started; GOOD JOB ASUS CUSTOMER SERVICE! Anyway, besides never buying another Asus product again, I've been looking at eVGA's selection (mainly because I love their RMA process) but every damn one is backordered. Did they stop making their boards? More specifically the 122-CK-NF68-A1 model.
  9. Thanks for the help Mknwatt. That SOB serial was under the last PCI slot on the board! Knowing what the serial sticker looked like helped a lot.
  10. I'm a bit frustrated and not at all happy with Asus at them moment. I need some help locating the serial number on my motherboard. I've looked at their site and all they point to is the outside cover (you know the slip-on piece of cardboard that covers the actual box) which I don't have anymore. I've found two different stickers on the motherboard (one is on the IDE port and the other in between the power port and the SATA ports) itself but none of them allow me to register the board for some reason. Help? :sad:
  11. Sweet guide, rado! Definitely bookmarking so I can reference when I add the 2nd card
  12. I'm thinking of getting another 8800GTS 640MB to run in SLi instead of upgrading since they will be sold almost as cheap as dirt. I saw one on sale in my area for 200 bucks (New supposedly) but it's BFG and my card is from eVGA. It wouldn't make much of a difference would it?
  13. I fell victim to that same error but all I did was reinstall steam into the same directory and it worked out fine. Although with your method, it probably keeps all of your config settings intact, unlike my half assed method
  14. Well, for some reason my PC acts retarded with the latest set of drivers. I downloaded 9.12 WHQL drivers and it works just as well as it did before. Just glad it wasn't anything hardware related
  15. The board I have in my sig uses 680i drivers. I tried using 650i drivers off nvidia's site but those don't work. What they said about my board being a watered down striker extreme was true
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