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  1. And I'm still interested (if you don't receive my PM's from me please say so here, coz I just sent you another one)
  2. http://cgi.ebay.com/used-AMD-Athlon-64-370...1QQcmdZViewItem Lol, that's one cheap 3700+. Either the seller is stupid, or there are some serious issues with that CPU.
  3. Send me all your (ram related) bios settings and I'll see if something is horribly wrong:)
  4. CAS Latency Control (Tcl) – 2 RAS# to CAS# delay (Trcd) - 2 Bus Clocks Min RAS# active time (Tras) - 7 Bus Clocks Row precharge time (Trp) - 2 Bus Clocks Try... say... 3.2v:) If you have any questions, please send me an EMAIL (my inbox is always full lol)
  5. I will give you some settings to try out soon:) Find max freq that's memtest stable with some voltage (not too low or too high), that's all I need:cool:
  6. You dont have the time to check out how well these sticks overclock do you? if they're better than what I already have I'm interested.:cool:
  7. Sorry to bump an ooooooold thread, but I just got one of these golden ones. Check this out: http://www.diskusjon.no/index.php?act=Atta...=post&id=153309 1,19v, 2864Mhz:eek:
  8. I need some cash now, so I have to say goodbye to some PC parts I guess...:sad: First item for sale is a OCZ Plat. Ed. PC4800 2x512mb TCCD kit. Works excellent, not used very much either. I got these sticks to run 2.5-4-3-7-1T @ 312mhz memtest stable (wouldn't boot into windows, though), I'll tweak some more tonight, should be possible to make them 100% stable at 300+ Mhz 2.5-4-3-7-1T, which is not so bad I think. Small note: one of the corners of the PCB on one of the sticks is a little bit damaged. A SMALL piece is missing, but it does NOT affect performance, and it's NO problem to put these sticks into the memory slots etc. I attached a picture I found on the web where I marked the missing piece. As you can see, it's nothing to worry about. I'm just telling this so you know about it Asking €95 shipped within Europe (insured, and with tracking number!). Paypal only - at least for now. Heat: Knopflerbruce Ebay: knopflerbruce
  9. Bump-di-doo *new items added to to list*
  10. I don't know what's my mistake and what was just bad parts in the first place, but I fried a MSI mobo once, a PSU committed suicide and took the mobo with it. Dunno if that was my fault, though. Ahh, and I was going to sell a 250gb harddrive, but when I was on my way to the post office to find out the postage, my dog pulled in one direction so it fell to the ground. Now it makes alot of ticking noises and stuff:angel: I've also broken one of the IDE pins (the one above the empty "slot" in the middle) on 2 DVD-RW's. One still works (half of the pin is still left), the other one doesn't. I also bent 7 pins on an Opty 180, but after 2 hours working with 2 cards and a needle it was allright again.
  11. I have a Thermochill PA120.3, and I'm damn happy with it. I can't compare it to anything lol, but the temps I got were very nice, 28C load with an Opty 175 @ 2900, stock voltage - and that CPU had load temps in the high 50's with my Zalman 9500, and same voltage/CPU freq.
  12. I don't think AMD is losing so much money, they still have the best CPU's for people on a budget. Not everyone is as crazy as we are, you know:tooth: But damn, I'm waiting for Barcelona now. Have a feeling it's a nice project.
  13. That's what I call a good offer!
  14. Sorry to bring back this old thread, but I wanna know how good the 0622 stepping is. :angel: OT (but worth mentioning): I'm getting a CCB2E 0609FPMW soon (it's an X2 3800+! Never seen B2 on anything but FX, 4400+ and 4800+ so far), and... well... *cough* apparently 0608BPMW's exist as 4600+'s as well so I bought that one as well (if the seller didn't share some random pic, of course!) It's strange that these "unknown" steppings suddenly show up, I never heard of that 4600+ 0608 before I saw the pic, and the same with the CCB2E.
  15. The 3 steppings you listed are all single cores. If you hate coldbugging, CCBWE is the way to go I think. Some of them are coldbugged, but much less then the CCBIE/CCBBE steppings. Dunno how the new LCB9E's are when the temps get low.
  16. Erm, the Opty 175 rarely OC's very good. Most of them are CCBWE's. I know there is one batch of CCBBE 0617FPMW's out there, and I traded a CCBBE 0613RPMW with a friend so it probably exists a batch of those as well. When it comes to the 0613, I've had a look on both German and American ebay for about 8 months, and so far I've only seen that one golden one - which I bought lol. Now to the point: Grab a 170 from ebay (or in the FS section here) that has a CCBBE stepping (I think most of the stores ship out LCB9E's that don't OC as good as the CCBBE's).
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