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  1. wow that's a lot of hardrives.
  2. oops just realized i didn't put my mobo down for signature. thanks. well tried lavalys, but it deosn't seem to show that temperature.. onward lol.
  3. glad ya fiigured it out. guess i'll edit my slipstream now to make it more smoother! thanks.
  4. IT's not the pwn temperature. If ya look on the picture on the the speedfan, the first 3 is the core, pwn and chipset temperature. they're well under control. the 4th number i am not worried about because it's always below 40. It's the 5th number that's i am curious about. Because sometime it gets up to 70. So i downloaded mbm and i can't seem to find motherboard for nf4, only the oldre motherboard, are there any other utilities i can use? thanks.
  5. Well to each their own i guess hehe. honestly, having one cable run across motherboard isn't that big of a deal to me vs hitting that 3 gig mark running prime stable. Been running for 12+ hours now and still no sign of instability. Hope to boost it up to 330 tonight and let it run for 12+ more. Maybe future designs will have the fdd connector more torward the primary 24pin connector hehe.
  6. Humm i got a fan blowing directly at the hardrives. what's the operating temperature of hardrives?
  7. You made a slipstream version of win xp? I was actually having trouble with raid install on my old an8 ultra board because i was using slipstream even though i had drivers from floppy. Once i obtained the original windows 64 bit, everything went through without a hitch. Maybe you should try installing with original cd.
  8. Does anyone know what this 4th temperature reading is? IT seems to run from low 50s to mid 60 when computer is fully http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/2756/897wr5.jpg
  9. Well... This taught me a lesson on reading the mannual first before you play with your toys. In the past, i'd hit a wall at 320 fsb with my 165 opteron. Prime 95 would failed within minutes no matter what voltage i fed it. So for laught and giggle today, i decided to read up the mannual. And i found that there was a FDD connector for xtra power support for stability. So i decided to plug it in and ramp the fsb up to 320 to see if it pass prime 95. Well, computer been running for 3 hours now with web surfing and prime 95 is still running strong and no errors! hoorah! If it survive over night stress test, going to take this baby up further! Moral of story, read mannual and if you're having stability problem, trying plugging in power connector!
  10. I am using 15, where did oyu get 16? With 14, my video card ddin't even register.
  11. Well having some problem ocing my sapphire card. I disabled the polling service and started using atitool to oc. BUt it doesn't seem to want to save it to my profile. It keeps reseting back to 499 whenever i set set clock or hit save to profile. Find max won't raise it either... Do you think it oculd be because of win xp pro 64 bit? Thanks.
  12. NOt tring to hijack thread, but you said you got driver for the cpu. What driver are you talking about exactly? I don't remember ever installing any drivers. Thankyou.
  13. Did you try to boot with just one stick of ram and a video card with nothing else connected? Or maybe try booting with mobo outside the case? Could be something sorting out. Also, if you have usb connection backward, board will not post either, and take off your audio jack if you have it on.. Well worse come to worse, you got board from newegg so you know you're getting a new one back in no time. Good luck! It took me 2 days to get my machine to post and run stable hehe but it was one heck of a learning experience.
  14. Did you plug in the extra 4 pin connector into the half part of the 8 pin next to the 24 pin connector? TOok me awhile to figure out that i had to plug it in for it to post hehe.
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