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  1. I went ahead and bought this Vantec Iceberq All-In-One VGA and Chipset Cooling Kit. Hopefully it'll fix the problem. http://www.xoxide.com/iceberq.html
  2. Hi. Ever since I installed my 8800gts, the chipset fan will off and on go into a high pitched whiny noise. I bought a new fan for the 8800gts thinking that was it, but it was not the solution. Should I just pull up the old fan and put new Arctic Silver on it, use a program to control it's speed, or get a new chipset fan?
  3. check out my posts in this thread: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread...5619#post745619 it's for the Thermaltake TMG ND5 for the 8800 series cards. Works like a charm for me and dropped temps ~20c
  4. When I took off the stock cooler for the 8800gts, the thermal paste was in hard clumps all over the gpu. I'd say 90% of the gpu wasn't even in direct contact with the heatsink. I used Arctic Silver 5 with the TMG ND5. My case has an intake fan on the side panel, next to the video card, one outtake fan just above the video card and next to the cpu, and I'm sure the psu fan above the cpu helps with airflow a good amount too. CPU and system temps have stayed the same. So although the heat is pushed back into the case, my airflow must be sufficient enough to keep it from being a problem. I'll try to get that measurement tonight. No promises again though I'm afraid
  5. If I get some time at home this weekend I'll get those measurements for ya. I don't have any problems with the size though, I've got a mid-size case. It only rises about an inch or so above the card, so it's really not that bad.
  6. aclays

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    There's a program for cs1.6 (I don't know if it works for source) called DemoFreak. You can take demos of people playing, playback the demo with this program and it'll tell you what cheats they've used. Not certain, but it may only work if you've got admin on the server though. afaik the only things that will tell you in-game what hacks other people are using are hacks themselves which will obviously get you banned.
  7. Yeah, static electricity won't build up if you don't move around though. It was only there long enough to take the picture before i put it back in.
  8. if you're worried about not having enough space for the hr-03 plus and want some better cooling, pick up this Thermaltake TMG ND5: http://www.sharkacomputers.com/thermaltakend5.html I got it for my 8800gts, and it works like a charm. Temps went down from ~75-80 to ~50-55.
  9. 8800gtx for $480 if you're willing to deal with rebates http://forums.slickdeals.net/showthread.ph...ghlight=8800gtx
  10. I voted 0, but just remembered that there is one piece of hardware that I've fried. 9800pro, I was reseating it with AS3, and somehow I didn't attach the fan correctly. Good ol newegg gave me a full refund, which I used to purchase a 6600gt with a couple months later.
  11. aclays

    Starcraft 2

    that's what some people said about starcraft 2
  12. there's this cooler, the Thermaltake TMG ND5: http://www.sharkacomputers.com/thermaltakend5.html can't find the cooler anywhere but ebay and sharkacomputers.com, they've got very good yahoo and resellerratings reviews and been in business for about 7 years, so shouldn't be any worries about buying from an obscure company. I don't know how good the cooler is yet though. There are zero reviews out there for it. I bought one anyways, because the hr-03 plus wouldn't fit with this mobo, since I need to use more pci slots than it would leave open, and the cpu is right above the video card so I can't switch the sides. Apparently I got unlucky with my 8800gts, the fan is noisier than other people report. I get a high pitched whiney noise anytime I play any game at all, it goes off and on, off and on again. Can even hear it over my headset. It's pretty maddening, wouldn't be as bad if it were a constant noise, but as much as it goes off and on.. I'm just hoping this TMG ND5 will still let me oc.
  13. As one who went from a 7600gt to a 8800gts, I can tell you that you will be very pleased with the difference edit: Seems our systems are pretty similar. 600w gamexstream should be enough for you, it's what I use. My overclock is still perfectly stable after the switch too.
  14. you've got a decent computer, why don't you just pay the extra for broadband yourself they probably won't mind getting it after that, and maybe they'd even like it.
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