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  1. ElAguila, I also had problems with Smart Guardian. My chipset and system temps were O.K. but my CPU read 14C. I still use Smart Guardian, but for CPU temp I use "CoreTemp". I reads right off the CPU die. The program uses very little resources and can be minimized to the system tray. I only have a single core but I believe it will read dual core units.
  2. knosek

    Re-installing Zalman VF900-CU

    John, I also have the 1900XT with the Zalman VF900. Good cooler. But as far trying to use your memory heatsinks again, I would be a little leary. You can get a good thermal adhesive fron Arctic Cooling. Might be a safer way to go. Don't take the chance. Ken
  3. knosek

    ATI after-market cooling ideas

    I have the 1900 XT and just bought the Zalman VF900. Alot quieter than the stock cooler. dropped my idle temp from 46C to 36C. I was amazed. Under load temp playing HL2 was around 55C. It used to get up to about 75C. And I couldn't stand the noise, I know sounded like a hair dryer. I definately recommend this cooler. Do it. You won't regret it.
  4. knosek

    Zalman VF900

    Just getting ready to put the Zalman on my 1900 XT. Can't stand the stock cooler. Running hot. I am using ATT to control my fan speeds. I know Zalman has an external fan speed controller. Have one on another system (Nvidia). Just wondering if I can hook it up without the controller and just use ATT to control the fan speeds. Wasn't sure if this would work. Thanks, Ken
  5. knosek

    Mobo backplate?!?

    James. In all my years of comtuter building I have never heard of a MB being broken by the CPU cooler. I don't think I would worry too much about it. As long as you have the standoffs in the right place. I also went with the Evercool. Made a significant difference. Got that bad boy down to 40C. Might try the Thermalright HR-05 SLI. Passive. I've got great airflow in my case. I haven't overclocked yet, but when I do I'll let you know the results. Happy Tweaking, Ken
  6. knosek

    Smart Guardian?

    Spooky, Thanks for your reply and the capacitor image. Just bought the Evercool cooler and yes it does touch the capacitor. Just curious how long yours was on before you noticed the damage. Don't understand how this could happen because the clip is fixed in place. Shouldn't be that much vibration. Maybe not though. Haven't checked it in a couple of days since I put it on. It does work pretty well. Dropped my temp from 55C to 42C idle. Have you thought about the Thermalright HR-05 SLI. Got a good review from Happy Games. And it's passive. The chipset cooler is the noisiest fan in my system. Lian-LI with 120's. Best case I've ever owned. Thanks again, Ken
  7. knosek

    CPU Coolers for Infinity UltraII M2

    James, thanks for the info on the chipset cooler. Looks like the real deal. Do you have any idea where to buy one. i've checked the web and can't seem to locate the SLI version. It has to be the offset one to work with my 1900XT. Thanks, Ken
  8. knosek

    CPU Coolers for Infinity UltraII M2

    Supageek, I'm using the Scythe Mine and couldn't be more pleased. It's a little bit cheaper than the Ninja. My temps are about 29C idle and 40C load. I'm still looking for a good chipset cooler though. The NF4 runs pretty hot. If you run across anything good, let me know. Good luck with the new system. Ken
  9. knosek

    Smart Guardian?

    Spooky, glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem. Wasn't going to RMA for a bad ITE chip. Other temps are fine. I'm very happy with the board so far. Still doing a burn-in. Do you know of any other monitoring programs that work with this board. MBM is defunct. Core Temp seems to show the actual die temp, but you can't put it in your system tray. I also put as5 on the chipset cooler, but not much change. A few degrees. What are you using for a temp sensor? Thanks for your input. Ken
  10. knosek

    Smart Guardian?

    Thanks for your info. I read somewhere that Smart Guardian overrides the bios temps. Don't know if this is true, but my bios reads the same as Smart Guardian. Just don't understand. Either that or the Scythe Mine is one helluva cooler.The Evercool for the chipset looks like a good choice, seeing as I have limited space. Thanks again, Ken
  11. Hi, New to this forum. Just built a new system. Specs below. Smart guardian is showing my CPU temp at 16C. this can't be right. Chipset and system seem O.K.. 55C and 33C. I've built alot of systems over the years. Don't uderstand this. "Core Temp" shows it at 30C. This seems reasonable. Any info would be appreciated. Also, what chipset cooler works with this board. My 1900xt hangs over the chipset a little bit. Would have to be an offset heatpipe. Thanks, Ken