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  1. thanks kingfisher, i'll try to install each ram stick one @ a time and make my up to 4x1gb, i tried contacting ryder on the OCZ support forums but its the weekend so wont hear back from him till monday i imagine. hopefully someone who tried 4x1gb on this mobo can chime in. till then i'll do as much tinkering a s i can. btw i recall the DIY street forums were merged w/ this one, are there any of the old DFI NF4 guides & FAQ that were retained from that move? DFI street was a wealth of info on DFI mobos.
  2. Hey all, i just bought 2x1gb of OCZ El platinums to add to a pair i already have for a total of 4x1gb. Both sets of ram have the same part #OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K, they're all OCZ El platinums, but when i install em the bios & Vista64 only recognize 2gb. I tested each set so i know they're working individually, but 4x1gb and its a no go. I enabled memory hole & 2t command rate in the bios, no go. I've increased vdimm all the way up to 2.9v from 2.7, no go. i loosened all the timings to 3-4-4-11, no go. I'm @ wits end! im not overclocking at all, i just want them to run stock. strange thing is CPU-Z detects 4gb, but bios & vista64 dont. anyone have any ideas? rig is in sig. thanks in advance. pooh
  3. sweet, a clean install fixed everything. thanks for the help folks. cheers.
  4. well if its any consellation to you, i've read a review wherein they bought different samsung panels and compared them side to side and they could'nt tell the difference. I think its psychological personally, if u read "s" panel is better u're gonna have some bias if u find out u have an "a" panel. the reviewers couldnt notice any difference and even after running tests couldnt detect anything diff, so really its a dead issue for me whos in the market for a 226bw come boxing day.
  5. thanks for the replies fellas. yes i tried restarting after one is hooked up while in windows, but windows just keeps restarting. Raid is indeed completely off. i'll try using the other controller (the non nf4/nvidia one), but the other ports on the nf4 controller dont work. im gonna try a fresh winxp install after this to see if its a software problem.:/ have'nt reinstalled windows in 3 years, and that's w/ 2 cpu upgrades (including one from single core to dual core), 3 mobo upgrades (from asrock sata2 to dfi ultra to dfi expert), and 1 video card upgrade (6800gt to x1900xt), and 2 hdd upgrades (from ide to sata). and that's to speak nothing of all the different programs i've installed and uninstalled. maybe da registry is messed up after all that?
  6. Hey all, i just bought a new 320gb hitachi drive, but when i installed it on my DFI expert winxp simply will not start. Both are SATA2. I formatted it NTFS and the bios recognizes it no probs, but at the winxp load screen i get a blue screen for a millisecond and then it simply restarts. If i plug in my original 250gb hitachi hdd, then let winxp load, then plug in the new 320gb hdd, then winxp recognizes it and it works fine. In the bios the old 250gb hdd which has winXP is set to boot 1st, and the new 320gb hdd that is formated is set to 2nd. Is there a setting for the dfi expert i dont know about that prevents two sata drives from starting together? thanks in advance for any assistance on this.
  7. hello, i was gonna post about this exact same subject and then i found this thread. so, is there any consensus on this matter? i just bought a DFI Ultra D mobo coming from an Asrock Dualsata2, all other specs are in my sig, and the 120, 133, & 140 dividers do NOT post into windows at anything above 280fsb. 100 and 150+ dividers work fine. is this a known issue? my rig is currently 312x9 w/ a 150 divider (234mhz), but would like to have the option to run nearer to 200mhz and have tighter timings. are the these dividers borked then? im running 04/06/2006 bios if that's relevant. if this is indeed a psu issue as some suggest, can someone w/ a "recommended" psu just post if they can run 120, 133, or 140 divider w/ high fsb? thanks.
  8. thanks for the explanation mate. all power connectors connected, im just following the bios readings for vcore, not trusting the software no more. cheers.
  9. hey all, just switched from an Asrock Dualsata2 to a DFI Lanparty Ultra D & was expecting some overclocking goodness, but everytime i up the vcore in the bios it doesnt seem to be doing anything?(specs in sig) I have the "CPU VID startup" setting @ 1.45 but the vcore still shows as 1.34 in CPUZ, Speedfan, & the ITE smart guardian prog that came w/ the mobo. "Core temp" reports 1.40 though. The bios doesnt show the cpu vcore unless im missing it somewhere?(shouldnt it be in the "PC health status" section?) i had to set the vcore to 1.40 just to get 1.34, @ 1.35 setting in bios it was undervolting @ 1.30 (according to the above programs). what am i doing wrong here as im pretty sure this mobo isnt supposed to undervolt so much yea? EDIT: ok well nevermind, i changed the "cpu vid control" to 1.45 and now its 1.39, still .5 undervolting but much better than 1.34. I dont get the diff between "cpu vid startup" and "cpu vid control", could someone elaborate on the 2? thanks again. thanks in advance for any tips.
  10. i read DFI's are picky w/ psus, u have a 24pin psu? im also going from my asrock DS2 to a dfi ultra D this weekend, so im curious as to ur outcome.
  11. erm, thanks, but are you serious?! never heard a company doing so many revisions on an already revised mobo (i.e. from DFI ultra D/SLI to expert). Is this guy joking or are these revisions real?
  12. my overclock was reduced when i went from 4x512mb to 2x1gb, dramaticly!(high quality 2x1gb too, OCZ EL platinum) had to drop it 300mhz cause my asrock DS2 mobo couldnt handle any serious overclock w/ 1gb dimms. it all depends on your mobo dude.
  13. hey all, does the DFI expert have any mobo revisions i should be aware of when buying? currently i see the rev 1.0 being sold, are there any rev 1.1 or rev 1.2 or anything? thanks in advance.
  14. TTT. back on the market looking for one. could'nt find one locally.
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