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  1. UPDATE(made Vsense): I know it's been a long time since people haven't posted here,but i have a problem with the trick on my board.I have a very profi Vsense on my Enermax Noisetaker.One pot adjusts 3.3V between 3.3V and a Max value...and the other pot...adjusts the Max value. Now i have set the the 3.3V rail at 3.56V measured on a profi multimeter.I set the jumpers in the correct position....and if i set VDIMM at 3.4V..all i get is 3.3V rock stable(read in the BIOS).If i set VDIMM at 3.3V i get the same thing.With or without +0.03 Enable.What's the problem?Why can't i get 3.4V VDIMM with a 3.56V on the rail ? The difference between VDIMM and 3.3V rail is too small ?? The first posts said some thing about a 0.25 difference to a have a proper regulation and a rock stable VDIMM. But i saw that someone had a 3.6V on the rail..and a 3.5V stable on VDIMM,on a PC&C 510W.Or was he saiyng bollocks? I should mention that the voltages are rock stable..and i have only a 0.05 Drop on the 12V rail between load and idle. PS:Where can i measure the VDIMM on the board?
  2. Hello everybody.i have a question about this mod. I have an Enermax Noistaker 370W dual rail with a 20 pins connector.I've measured the 3.3V rail,and it reads 3.38-3.4V. Can i perform this mod?Is it safe?:confused: I don't have adjustable rails....and supposing the mod works,will i get enough juice to run my mushkin LVL2 black at 3.3V??
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