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  1. yes i am running 2T. I think the memory controller on the cpu doesn't allow for 1T. Although, once i got to 3Ghz, I didn't try it. I guess I could. I'll let you know. Also, I got this a last night. http://www.xanadu2.net/satan666/3dmark-3.0.png
  2. I just recently got my Opty 165 CCBBE 0617 from the egg. I have nothing to complain about, it does 3.0 Ghz on air. Hopefully, other people will be as lucky as i was to get this chip.
  3. this was at auto in cpu voltage http://www.xanadu2.net/satan666/3dmark-2.8.png I was proud to reach this yesterday http://www.xanadu2.net/satan666/3dmark-3.0.png
  4. I think the memory controller on the cpu is making me run 2T. I can run my HZ sticks at 273 3-4-3-6-1T. There's not a huge difference between the two. I reached my 3 GHz goal. I'm not upset at all.
  5. Well folks here are my newest results. http://www.xanadu2.net/satan666/3dmark-3.0.png :eek2:
  6. sorry about that, but it would help if you quote the person you wish to respond to you
  7. Room temp is about 20*C and I'm using a Thermaltake Big Typhoon with an Antec 2000 RPM 120mm fan instead of stock. Core Temp picture below http://www.xanadu2.net/satan666/core-temp.png
  8. Finally hit 2.9Ghz, everything to auto except used auto and +101.4% on cpu voltage http://www.xanadu2.net/satan666/opty-2.9.png
  9. This is what i got two nights ago http://www.xanadu2.net/satan666/3dmark-2.8.png This is what i got last night. http://www.xanadu2.net/satan666/opty-2.9.png I haven't run 3dmark at 2.9, but i will today
  10. Well I finally got it to 2.8Ghz. I just set everything to auto in bios. It defaulted my G.Skill PC4000 HZ to 3-3-3-7-2T. 312x9. CPU voltage set to auto, shows up 1.32 in bios. Hopefully be shooting for 2.9Ghz soon. Will put up some screenies soon. :angel:
  11. I don't think it's gonna happen. I tried 1.55 volts with 101.4%. Didn't boot. I'm wondering if it's the board. I can run solid at 2.75, anything more, is a no go. I lowered my multi to 8 and I could push fsb over 312; creating a lower cpu speed, but it worked. I compared to the opty165 database, and people are doing 2.9 on this one with water.
  12. Well here's the best i can do so far on this new Opty165 http://www.xanadu2.net/satan666/temps-new-Opty.png
  13. If we go by Smart Gaurdian, I'm 25*C idle 37*C dual prime. It's not in my sig, but I'm running a Stacker 810. I'm using 3 Evercool 120mm's for the front and an Antec 120 on the rear. Unfortunately I had to setup a fan to blow in-between my crossfire cards. I have the Accelero X2's installed and they blow air at the motherboard. http://www.xanadu2.net/satan666/temps-new-Opty.png
  14. I just got this CCBBE 0617 FPMW, the most i can do is 306x9 auto on voltage in bios. The pic was with 1.4 volts, but I'm running it on auto now. I think i need to search for some more bios settings. I'm using G.Skill Technician's settings from over at xtremesystems.org .(since i have G.skill PC4000). http://www.xanadu2.net/satan666/3dmark.png I wish i could do more, but it's better than my last opty 165.
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