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  1. Just spend some time playing the demo. Pretty good visuals so far. The lighting and terrain is awesome. The game's AI is a bit sluggish, but I'm impressed with this game play.
  2. Your basically going in the air force with an open contract and the service will place you where they need people. Don't get screwed, because once you give the oath that's it. Make sure to READ all the paper work you SIGN!!!!!! Talk to your recruiter and get want YOU WANT!
  3. Omg, use your brain!!!! Its an "unofficial" update.... hint hint. Find it on the internet.
  4. FYI for all the peeps, HALO 2 has been unofficially updated to run on XP.
  5. I cant fathom your loss and deeply feel for you. It's very difficult to lose a loved one, last year my 9 yr old dog Chacha past away so I know what it feels like to loose a loved one.
  6. Sorry to tell you guys, but this game is nothing more than an ET mod. I for one will NOT shell any $$$ for this game. You know the old saying " if it aint broke, why fix it!". The original ET is the SH*!*!*!*T to this day. Good luck to all of you trying to dl the beta client. If records goes to show, the servers will be down and most likely password protected like in the past so no one can join. And to no surprise the game will be delayed yet again for another 6-8months after the beta trials. Granted that the DEVELOPER wants to make a great game, but in todays business world the almighty dollar(publisher) will want to get a game out ASAP to make a profit.....my 2 cents.
  7. I did a 4 years in the Marines from 94-98. I loved the experience and the meet alot of interesting people and friends. I was fortunate to see both sides of the Fleet. Its pretty much divided into ground and air, and believe me there is a difference. And yes I would agree military service is not for everyone. Being that your son has a good GPA, his recruiter should have told him about the other options the corps has to offer other than just a regular grunt( 0311 grunt). In his case, he should be considered what the service calls a special screener. Meaning he can do counter intelligence, force recon(must be a good swimmer and good at land nav), or presidential guard duty. Note for force recon, infantry units have better chance than non infantry units to do the force recon indoc and there are height standards for presidential guard duty. Has he considered West Point or the Naval Academy?? Big choice to make. Good luck to him.
  8. PolloLOCO

    COD 4 Trailer

    Man I'm hoping they dont go the route of COD3 and rush the game out the door like treyarch.
  9. PolloLOCO

    Starcraft 2

    lolz, I love how peeps fall in love with the rendered movie of a game way early in the dev cycle. Blizzard has a team of artists that is only dedicated to making cut scenes.
  10. PolloLOCO

    Crysis Video

    I just looked at the latest Dx10 vs Dx9 video for crisis. The only major differences is the lighting. From my observations, the scene takes place at totally different places, and to me it looks like the devs messed with the lighting by added more lights to the scene. Other than that, I dont think it justifies upgrading to a DX10 or vista.....my 2 cents
  11. I just installed XP pro 64 bit, and like everyone else the lack of driver issues. I ran into some problems during the upgrade. I installed the vid drivers before the SP2. This gave me a headache, something about a dll file from direct x 9c missing. I finally got everything squared and installed 3d max 9 and maya 8.5. This progs love the extra memory and utilize it while rendering. The sweet thing about this is that 64bit of xp is free!!! through school. After of 3 days of usage i think i prefer it for my 3d programs instead of 32bit xp. So far I like the OS and how dual boot option works like a charm.
  12. i worked on the game, and this is by far my favorite project. I like to use spiderwoman (she has the highest hit damage), mr fantatastiic, (he's way OP'd) dead pool and inivisible woman(underrated).
  13. try Marvel Ultimate Alliance, FEAR and Oblivion of course.
  14. You can use a x360 controller to play the game. Just dl the drivers from microsoft.
  15. No patches are yet planned. The cleanest platform is the 360.
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